Saturday, June 16, 2012

Here it is...

This is the worst of it for me.  The biggest secret I have.  My dad didn't even know.  He does now.  And guess what?  He is actually proud of me. Those of you who know Tom, know that this is pretty major.

And I did sound like a tool, but hey, I'm all about the sharing right now.  If you want to skip the Dr.'s part, I start at around 8:55.  But he has good info, so you should listen!

Saturday Night with Esme Murphy

Or try this and go down to the podcast of ADHD meds.

If you go to this website above, you might have to scroll down to their "podcast" part and click on that.  Then you'll have to go to Esme Murphy's show and click on that.  Then, if you are still interested, you click on the ADHD medication tab.  If that doesn't work, forget it.  I'll be on TV in a few weeks.  You can hear my horror story then.  Maybe by then, I'll be able to post a decent link.


  1. I can't get the link to work!?!?

  2. I am not sure what is the deal. Try the other way.

  3. I did get the CBS one to work, just got done listening. Great job! That's a lot of courage you've got there! I wish you the BEST!

  4. The top link worked. You were great! Again, thanks for being open and honest! You are a brave lady to put yourself out there like that. Thanks for sharing! Tracy

  5. You are a true inspiration. I am rooting for you and your continued success with sobriety!!

  6. Betsey, thank you for you bravery and sharing your stories. You are very well spoken. Doctors have been pushing ADHD meds on my son since he was 2. He's 11 now and I've always refused. The alternative treatments are alot of work, mostly not covered by insurance, but they are effective and don't have the nasty side effects. I've seen so many of my son's friends go on these stimulants, get side effects and then need other meds like psychotropics. It's a bad path. I've also struggled with addiction and know the temptation of ADHD meds. I've never done it, but feel the guilt when during a sleepover my son's friend's Rx bottle is stitting on my kitchen counter and I wonder if his mother would miss just one pill. Sigh....What are we doing to the next generation? Again, thank you for your honesty!

  7. I appreciate that very much. It is so hard because like most things, there isn't one answer for everyone. I know kids who are doing great on meds like Adderall. But for us, it is a dangerous. Plus, my child was so depressed on that medication.

    It turns out that she had a processing problem that often presents as ADHD. So with the interventions made at school, she did much better this last 1/2 of the school year. Except in gym. Which had more to do with attitude than ability.