Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Housewives of Beverly Hills

One evening back in January, I was waiting to go out with some friends.  I had some time to kill, so I decided my family and myself should play a board game.  I set up the game and everyone sat down to play.  My boys decided that I shouldn't play.  In fact, they said that if I was going to play, they were not.  All of this after I had cleaned the house and I think I might have actually cooked them dinner (I don't always do stuff so elaborate.)

I freaked out.  I screamed about how they treat me like dirt, that I am not a servant, that I just wanted to have fun with them.

I left early for my dinner plans, went to the mall, and bought myself a coat.  That'll learn them.

While at dinner, I got the following text from my then ten year old son.

"Mom this is G, sorry that I'm so stupid and sexist u are equal with dad and I love you so u can forgive me but it's okay if u don't I understand I love u and u are just as good as any housewives of Beverly Hills i love u."

Thank you Bravo TV.


  1. You are a Warrior. Sometimes in our lives it is necessary to turn the page and start from zero...... Even though it may cost you or hurt you.... The best warrior does not always triumph, but returns to the battle without fear.
    I congratulate you on your will to change your life.

  2. Hey Betsey its Lisa again. I agree with whoever annonymous is that commented above this. You are a brave warrior and I'm so proud of you for sharing your story and doing it in such an honest, open, hilarious, sometimes sad and totally candid way in the hopes to not only help yourself but others. Truly inspiring my friend! XOXO. Lisa Alvarez

  3. Very kind of you both. Thank you.

  4. Funny! Gus loves you, for dang sure.