Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekends and Radio

I will probably not post much on the weekends.  Partly because I think five things a week is manageable, and also because my friend Beth told me not to.  She is the one who set all of this up for me and helps me organize how this blog looks.  So, I listen to her.  Which is a newer skill for me.

Tonight I will be doing a phone interview with Esme Murphy for WCCO 830 AM radio.  They are calling me this evening at 7:35, so I suppose I'll be on shortly after that for an interview. 

The topic of this interview is pretty disturbing.  But it is real.  I did some asshole-ish things while using.  When my addiction wins, I am a sick, selfish, stranger person.  Not the person I ever thought I would grow up and be.

This is my senior picture in 1989. Whatever this me would say to that big-haired me, that me wouldn't listen.  No way.  

I work on the shame and guilt often. But by talking about the awful things we do as addicted people, we can make it easier for others to do the same, and everyone can recover.  So I am going to keep talking, because shame sucks.

So if you aren't at a graduation party, and want to hear me make a complete ass out of myself, tune in.  If you miss it, I'll post a link after.  Unless I sound like a tool. Then we will pretend it never happened.  Like oh so many things I've done.

Please comment or ask me any questions you want to. 


  1. Betsey as someone who has known you since you were that big haired teenage girl, I want to tell you I have always loved you and I am so proud of who you have chosen to be as a sober partner and mom. You will do a wonderful job tonight. Be brave. Speak the truth as you always do. You know there is some other woman out there going through it all who needs to hear it. . Luv ya sunny

  2. Thanks Sunny! I really appreciate it.

  3. Betsey, you are one gutsy girl. I have always liked that about you. You are giving a voice to many who have walked that dark path and remind many more to forgive and move forward each day. I hope to catch your interview tonight. Shannon

  4. Betsey....I have learned not to judge other people although it took me awhile to learn I will not judge you. I cannot even imagine what you have been though to get to that place you were in and that you have come back to where you are now. You have come along way and I just think that is just a real blessing for you plus your ability to keep on your program is just amazing. I am so glad that I "found" you on facebook and got better acquated so I can be part of your life. I love you also and your family and I want to keep up with how things are going with you all. So thank you for keeping me informed. Love Linda