Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Most Likely Are Codependent

Some of my friends and I give each other a hard time with, "you might be codependent if...." and we end that sentence with something super pathetic that we do.  Here are some we thought of.  I can thank Beth and Deb for some of these.

You might be codependent if...

You worry and spend the day checking your loved one's phone records online to see if they have called their dealer.

You tell someone "you made me codependent."

You wake up at 3am and check your Facebook and wonder why no one likes your stuff.

You are certain that if THEY stop acting that way, YOU can be happy.

You worry about something that hasn't even happened.  All weekend long.

You have wasted days worrying about how other people will react to something you might do.

You say yes to everyone who asks you for something, because you feel bad saying no.

You start planning your exit on the freeway more than three miles ahead of time so you don't piss anyone off.

You ask your friend to hang out with another one of your friends because you are worried they are lonely.

You worry that your uncle so-and-so will ruin everyone's time.

You try extra hard to get someone to like you, if you think they don't, even though no one ever told you they didn't.

These don't only apply to me, do they?

You might be codependent if you worry everyone will think you are the only one who does these things.

Besides, like I said, I am cured.

Anyone have anymore good ones?


  1. leave a comment so Betsey get one on her blog today. so you both feel better

  2. Awwww...Thanks Beth. YMBCI you thank Beth publicly so she feels better about no one commenting on your blog post.

  3. YMBCI...

    You care more about what other people think about your relapse than what you think about it. (Actual comment I heard in a meeting recently)

    1. That is a good one. I totally did that.