Friday, July 27, 2012


Last night Bob and I went out, without the kids. This is something we don't do enough, because we really have no babysitters, and the boys don't listen to their sister. We can leave them for shorter trips alone, like two hours at the most. But last night, we went on the Jonathan Padleford river boat. This event was put on by Hazelden, and there was a speaker, dinner, and the lovely view of the river. We were gone for about 5 hours.

I went on this trip last year, but left Bob out of it. This year, I was given free tickets by my dear friend, because she couldn't go. I figured Bob would want no part of being with folks on a boat, but surprise, he did.

The problem with my kids.

When my daughter was born, Bob and I still had a group of friends from high school. We would get together just about every weekend. And as the kids came for all of us, we would bring them too. Or, we had neighborhood babysitters or Bob's sister is 16 years younger than us, and would babysit too. So we were still able to party like rock stars.

As the twins came, and we moved, AND Bob's sister was getting into college, the sitting stopped. We had a great babysitter in the neighborhood who loved our kids. We used her every chance we could. We were able to go out and party all of the time. She cooked, baked, cleaned, did crafts, and had them all to bed on time.  She was a better mom than I was.

When we first got sober, we stopped using sitters. Our kids got to a point where we never left them. And it has pretty much stayed like that. So when we ever do leave them with let's say, a family member, they act horribly. I mean, climb up the tree and refuse to come down, of course swear, and just ack like little jerks. Yeah, I said jerks.

When we have my daughter (14) stay home to watch them, it's a disaster. She stirs the pot and all hell breaks loose. Last night, that is basically what happened. I was getting text messages from the boat every 30 seconds.

For Christmas, Bob bought the boys these mini-pocket rockets. Tiny little battery operated motorcycles. So they are in the garage. They are pretty good about wearing helmets on those, but they are hard to see and make me nervous.

We fed the kids dinner before we left last night.  The every 30 second texts were complaining that there is no food in the house. Well, if you must know, we were short on snacks. But I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday at the VA with Bob and didn't have time to shop. It wasn't like they were starving. They just didn't have what they wanted.

My sweet daughter sent her little 11 year old brother on a pocket rocket, up to Super America, across a busy highway, for Flaming Hot Cheetos. Honestly.

Anyway, the kids survived, no sleepovers tonight obviously, it could be worse. She did clean the kitchen and living room.

I will discuss our discipline style once we have one.

Have a great weekend. And don't hire my daughter to babysit.



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  2. thank you, you are an inspiration to me, another mom in recovery. keep doing what you do here :)