Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Freaky Eye

Friday morning I woke up looking like this. It didn't get better until Sunday. I used my eye to chase kids, threaten people, and was advised by the doctor to "keep the sunglasses on, so people don't stare."

Comments made by the ones that love me.

"Don't touch me."
"I can't look at you."
"Mom, is that a stroke?"
"I can't have anyone over until you look better."

My favorite comment from Bob was this, "I hope you know that if you stay like that, I have to leave."

It's better now so I guess he is staying. And today I see the allergist.


  1. Sorry Bets I have to agree with those who love you because that's who's the most honest. That eye looked like a pair of misplaced lips sweetie!! I would still be your friend if it hadn't gone away. Of course I would, because you need friends who can laugh at you....wait I mean with you. ;)


    1. Exactly! We had a few good laughs with it. It was almost worth it.

  2. The top picture looked bad, but the bottom one? Holy crap! I had to laugh, sorry. Glad it's healing!

  3. Oh wow! Bless your heart! Do what the Dr says and wear your glasses. It looks like it hurts. :( Hope you feel better.

    1. Lucky it was only itchy. No pain. It's better now with prednisone. But now to figure our causes...