Monday, July 23, 2012

Second Sober Summer

First let me say that I had bigger hopes for this post, but my kids broke my computer charger, and I guess it is being delivered to my house, hopefully by Tuesday. So I am doing this off of my iPhone. Not as many options for links, photo placement, etc. The pictures at the bottom, you'll have to guess which paragraph they go to. There is no prize for this. Good luck.

Well...this summer has been much slower than last summer. Last summer, I tried (as I mentioned before) to undo the pain of the summers before that, by buying, traveling and erasing the pain of the past. This summer I am trying to do things on the cheap.

I am not creative enough to make this summer as much "fun" as last summer, but I am learining. I have also learned to forgive myself for not being super creative with my thriftiness. I have to really think about it. I have always been a "buy now, worry later" type of girl. So this is still hard for me.

This past weekend we did it really cheap. I had the pleasure of going to beach with my sons, in which my son cut his foot on some glass within the first ten minutes, so that was short lived. Then I spent the evening trying to decide if I should take him to the nearest Urgent Care, or ER. I chose to treat the wound myself, and today, I think I made the wrong decision, so to the doctor, I believe we will be going. Oops...thrifty can be bad.

The FUN part of the weekend was going to a parade, in which my sister got to be a Klondike Kate (here is where I would post a link so you could educate yourselves on Klondike Kate, but without my computer, you'll have to google, if you please) and wave at the excited parade goers. She won this opportunity at a silent auction. This has to do with the St. Paul Winter Carnival. My sister loves that stuff. I mean she LOVES it.

She posted on her Facebook about this opportunity, and then she said no one had to come. I wasn't hearing any of that. I knew I wanted to see her. So my two nieces, my daughter and I went to represent.

I don't think I can explain the happiness in her face on that float, in that costume. I thought she was either going to explode, or fly away. It was awesome to see her so excited.

She loves the little things in life and finds joy in a lot of stuff most people don't notice. That is what I love about that woman. She can make anything sound exciting. I'm glad my eyes are open to appreciate this about her.

It was nice to be there for my sister. Another gift of sobriety. It made her feel good, and I want to be able to be there for her, like she has for me. She is good shit.

My daughter, however, wasn't as excited, but she was a good sport about it. It was a nice, super hot afternoon, and we enjoyed it. She, of course, made me drop her off at her friend's immediately after.

But where else can you get a fan with Dolly Parton on it? Only at River Town Days Parade. This thing made the heat totally worth it.


  1. I feel like that photo of Dolly makes her look like the Michael Jackson of whit women. She is plasti-freaky!

    1. It is totally creepy. That's the beauty! I love Dolly, but why the fan with her picture? Very unexpected. I'm keeping it.