Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weight and Drugs

Just when I write down "Bob never goes off of his meds because he can't live here if he does" he goes ahead and goes off of his meds.  Luckily, I caught it within two days.  He gets a look in his eyes and I can tell.  Here is why he did it.

Bob is one of those people who naturally had a six-pack and a very cut body.  And by that, I mean perfect abs, chest, arms, you name it.  He ate like crap, and had a body that many people have to spend hours at the gym to get.  And when he did spend hours at the gym, the man was HUGE.  People would ask me if he was on steroids, but those drugs he didn't do.  Mark that one down.  Oh, and cigs.  Bob has never had a drag of a cigarette in his life.  I think that is weird.

I, on the other hand, gained all of the weight for Bob.  I am not naturally thin and have to work very hard to lose weight. (which, by the way, I will start next week.  Whatever.)  This is why amphetamines are so attractive to a girl like me.  Since I can't do THAT anymore, I have been known to say to him, "Let's just get fat together!'

Bob was put on a medication called Risperidone.  It is an antipsychotic that calms his brain and stops him from having intrusive thoughts.  It keeps him and everyone around him safe.  But it also causes fatigue, and massive weight gain.  Bob has gained about fifty pounds in the past year on this drug.  And has lost his ambition to do anything about it.  So this week, he thought he could go off and lose some weight.

I know how wrong this is.  But I am here to be honest.  I know how sad the weight gain makes him.  I love him no matter what he weighs and think he is good looking always.  Hell, his looks have kept him here sometimes.  But I can't help but be a tiny bit relieved. I don't know if relieved is the right word.  I have struggled with my weight for so long, that it is a little awesome to me that he finally has to think about it.  Even though it isn't of his own doing, it is nice to not be the only one in the house who could stand to lose a few pounds.

Living with a person who can eat anything they want,(whole pizzas, ice cream, whatever) never work out, and still maintain a perfect body can wear on a person who isn't blessed with those good genes. So the selfish one in me feels like this is a small payback.

Terrible right?

Like that poor man needs a payback. He has never once talked about my weight. He is always kind in that area.

I also believe that Bob won't be on those meds forever. This is temporary. So his weight struggle wont be life-long, like it is for me. It is just for now.

Y.M.B.C.I... You feel better if everyone gains weight.

For the record, Bob and I are going to start doing some Couch to 5K again.  But not until next week my friends.  Not until next week.  Besides, look at him.  If anyone can gain fifty pounds and still look hot, he can.


  1. Geeze, that's after gaining 50 pounds?? While I understand why he would want to return to his best shape, he looks great right now!

    Damn men and their biology! :)

    1. I am having trouble leaving replies on my own blog. I did this twice and it doesn't show.

      But I know, right? 50 lbs would look very different on me.

  2. Good luck to you and Bob with the Couch to 5K program. Thinking of you!

    1. Thanks! I've started this before but have never finished. Hopefully I will this time.