Friday, August 24, 2012


I have never liked football.  I don't understand it.  It isn't that I can't understand it, it is just that I find it so painfully boring, I just don't care.  I think it is violent, big-guy, tough-guy, macho, crazy and dull.  Why do they have to stop it every five seconds? And it takes so long!  The only thing good about football is when a pro game is on,  you can fall asleep to the announcer's voice.

So when all three boys said they wanted to play this year, I was like "Sure!"

The twin nine year old boys and the eleven year old are on teams that tackle.  All I can say is, my feelings of football are confirmed.  Holy shit is that sport rough.  We came from soccer and baseball.  This is a whole different deal.

Both teams that my boys are on have very good coaches.  Nice guys who love the game and want to win.  But watching the boys fall down, get pummeled my other kids isn't really easy.  Sometimes they seem to lay there for a minute before they get up.

Then the coach says, "Did that hurt?"

The kid responds, "Yeah, kinda."

Coach smiles big and says, "Good." And then grabs the kids helmet and gives it a shake.  I've seen kids cry and run back onto the field.

For the boys in my house, this is a different response than hugging them and kissing their wittle ouchies.

It seems like a place where there is little room for feelings or signs of weakness.  And of course, I am NOT from the school that believes such things make them into men. But the boys love every second of it.  I am hoping we can go back to soccer, like normal people.  But I don't see that happening for awhile.

Until then, I'll just play them this video every day.


  1. Betsey, we finally have something we dont agree on. LOL. I'm from Texas where football is a religion here. I grew up in a small town where everyone had a role at the friday night games. You were either a football player, cheerleader, in the band, twirler, worked the concession stands or in the bleachers to watch game. Maybe you'll develop a better like for it while watching your sons. My boyfriend's son is playing this year and i cant wait! I'm so proud of your boys.

    1. I hope so! My dad played football for U of M for about 6 weeks and is a Vikings fan. Bob is a crazy football fan. I guess I'll learn to tolerate it is the kids like it... It looks so painful!

  2. My son is also playing football. This is his first year and he loves it (and it secretly scares the shit out of me!). He is 6 and watching him get taken down is horrible. I will admit, he has gotten better at holding his ground. Meanwhile my daughter is cheering him on...well not really, she's cheering to the parents.
    All in all, our first game was last Saturday, and our team won!! I don't know much about football, but it was kind of fun.
    Good luck to your boys!

  3. Betsey, you'll get used to it. I was the same as you, and then I met my husband. He played and was obsessed for six long years until our oldest was about two and I couldn't handle him being away all the time. Then both of my sons played, starting around the same times as yours. My oldest still plays though this will probably be his last year unless he goes pro. I love football now. I am one of those screaming mothers in the stands. You probably will be too. :) And if you want to talk about a rough sport, my middle son got into rugby. Now that's brutal.