Tuesday, August 7, 2012

View from...

Today is supposed to be about not regretting the past. But my head hurts. So my neighbor emailed this photo of my boys to me yesterday, a view from her yard.

My neighbor, Carolyn, probably sees stuff like this in my yard, from her yard, all of the time. She was nice enough to take the time, and send this to me.

I'm sure she has seen worse, but is too sweet to take THOSE pictures!

I obviously was home and clearly not paying attention. I just wonder what they were talking about.

I asked them why they were standing on top of the car, they said they were playing Tarzan, and were jumping off to grab that tree branch on the left and swinging down to the ground. I'm glad we didn't end up at the emergency room.


  1. This is stinking hilarious. And probably a version of a picture my neighbor will mail me in a few years when my kid is big enough to climb up onto the roof of our car.


  2. Haha. I'm kinda looking forward to these days... which I'm sure are ahead of me. :) Remind me in about 8 years that I said this...

  3. Love this! My brother and I used to sit on top of my mom's station wagon to talk when we were kids. Wonder what the appeal of that is?

  4. And....this one confirms it. Not only are WE soul mates, but between the cussing and stunt-devil tendencies, I think our kids are too. :)