Friday, August 31, 2012 again.

So after my football post last week, we started the season this week.  And actually, I enjoyed it.  For about four minutes.

After that, my dear sweet boy got viciously attacked, (well, he actually was the attacker) and got ran into by someone else.  He got slammed in the front of his knee while another guy was on his foot, hyper-extending his knee.  Not good.

Since then it has been doctor appointments, X-rays and an MRI.  He cannot put weight on it, and he cannot straighten it.  He is on crutches, and will be put in an immobilizing brace later today to keep it slightly bent.  It is very swollen and not a fun way to end the summer.  I am just hoping it is sprained, and not a ligament or something that needs repair.

Of course, since I am certain he needs surgery and will not play again this season, we figured that his football career cost us about $100.00 a minute.  Since we are on a fixed income, this is awesome.  At least it was only three minutes.

And I am grateful it wasn't his head.  This boy can't catch a break, I swear to goodness.  But of all my kids, he is the most mellow and the best equipped to handle such a bummer injury.  Those of you who know my family, I know it is hard to believe.  But the kid is cool as can be.  He also has a huge pain tolerance, and is taking this very well.  We wouldn't have said this about him a few years ago!  But then again, everyone was different around here.

It is so hard to watch your kid in pain.  I kind of like taking care of him though.  Which is weird for me.  Maybe I feel like I'm making up for not being there in the past so it feels good to really be present and spoil him a bit.

The twins played their first game on the field next to their brother, the same night this injury occurred.  They loved every minute of it.  All of the boys did.  Even if one of them only played for three minutes.  Hopefully his season isn't over.

On a side note, his twin brothers have the upmost sympathy and respect for him.  When my injured boy was downstairs watching TV on the couch, the twins shut off the TV, shut off the lights, and ran off with his crutches.  He hopped in the dark to chase them.  Luckily he didn't fall.  Such brotherly love.  Total jerk move.

I'll let you know what happens.  Poor buddy.