Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost a hoarder.

Yesterday I decided to go through Bob's closet and make him get rid of much of his stuff.  You see, the man is a bit of a hoarder.  And it is almost impossible to get him to throw stuff out.  He finds sentimental attachment in the weirdest places.  This photo to the right isn't the best, but you see, he has like 50 pairs of jeans.  Most don't fit, many are ugly.

I wish I would have written down the excuses he had for every article of clothing that went into the "donate" pile.  They were HILARIOUS.  He probably didn't think so.  He sounded like the people on the show.   But evil me laughed often.  It was a HUGE amount of fun for me.  I am mean like that.  Just laugh at the pain.

This t-shirt is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.  First of all, it is paper thin and reminds me of something the guys from Jersey Shore would wear.  Not a 42 year old, father of four.  But he loves it.  I tried to sneak this god awful thing into the "donate" pile, but he found it and took it out.  I honestly hate this shirt.

Bob has two pairs of broom-ball shoes.  He plays about six broom-ball games a year.  I asked him why it is that he needs two pairs of broom-ball shoes.  He says that this particular pair he uses to "kick it around town."  I have never seen him wear these, ever.  So they went into the donate pile.  Because for god's sake, come on.  For one thing, Bob doesn't "kick it around town."  And when he does, he wears his Adidas shower shoes, like any other normal person...haha.

These golf shoes have been following us around for years.  
Bob doesn't own golf clubs.  So....gone.  

This is Bob's favorite shirt.  I didn't get a good shot of it.  He even sewed a button on it.  I have NEVER EVER seen him wear it.  Ever.  But he loves it.  It is a nice shirt.  Maybe he will wear it some day.  I have no idea where it came from.  And of course, I didn't try to sneak it out.  Because I like it.  

Here is a pile of his pants that we donated.  I should have counted, but there are at least 20 in there.  Many were bought when he was staying at the VA for some type of treatment.  They just HAD to let him roam to the mall or Target at night.  Of course I am kidding, but he hasn't worn some of these, ever.  And there is even a pair or two in there that he claims he has "had since before we were married."  Like that is a good thing.  No, I tell him, that only proves that you have a hoarder-ish way.  And there is only room for TWO mental illnesses in his brain.  So out they go.

Why are we always broke?  Well...I can't blame him totally.  But dude, he liked to shop for awhile.

To the left are a pack of socks.  No big deal right?  But he has TWO FULL drawers of socks.  And like I mentioned before, the man wears shower shoes.  And even though it is getting cold out, there are no socks to be worn yet.  At least it is only one pack.

It is hard to tell by this shot, but those are three pairs of Dr. Martin's, a pair of Red Wings, about three pairs of Sanuks, Keen, Puma, Nike and Adidas.  These are the shoes of his that fit into the closet.  There are more by the front door.  Mind you, some of these he hasn't wore in ages.  Some he forgot he had.  He has more shoes than me by about 75%.  I call not fair.  My Tom's have holes in them and my boots have been repaired once.

Am I calling him out?  Yep.  But I am also saying that it is hard for Bob to do much around the house.  And yesterday he did a lot.  And he let a lot go.  And although I feel like I got screwed in the shoe department, I am proud of that almost hoarding dude.

Oh, and when I was going to drop off the clothes at Goodwill, Bob told me to make sure I told the folks there that, "This shit is the good shit, so you might want to check it out."

Also, I just read this post to him and he said that he misses a lot of those shirts.

You'll notice I've left out my side of the closet.  Mind your business you nosey bunch.  He is more than welcome to start a blog and tell my shit.  Have a good day.

One more thing.  I can't figure out how to get these pictures to line up right.  Someday I'll figure it out. But until then, it will look really dumb. Maybe Wordpress is easier?  I am afraid to switch.  I suck at tech stuff.  Enjoy!!


  1. I kinda like the pictures more this way. My boyfriend has an attachment to some of his clothes too. Many that dont fit him anymore. He's finally getting rid of some of it one piece at a time.

    1. It feels so good. I think he is happy about the organization now. Maybe.

  2. Oh boy did that make me laugh!! Brought tears to my eyes actually. We have a little hoarding problem over here too and if i knew how to take a pic of all the shit we keep "SAVING" you would be appalled. Let me just say we have a storage garage that we have had for 15 years and i dont even know whats in there...obviously "SAVING" it for someday...I don't even wanna do the math. xoxoWendi

    1. Bob has a TON of stuff in the storage under our stairs. Two dressers STUFFED with stuff and boxes and clothes hanging. He had all of his work gear there too. I used to call him Harry Potter because of his little space there. That is the room we are hitting next. I can't wait to get it cleared out. Then it will be our furnace room, and every room in the house. I am sick of being buried in crap!! Maybe a big garage sale!!!

  3. I did a blog post on a related point of view on this idea today.

  4. My dad was a hoarder... we really didn't realize the extent of it until he passed away and we went through the garage. It took us about 5 weekends of going through things. We filled (from top to bottom, front to back) a 22 foot U-Haul truck with the "extras" to take to an action. This doesn't count the multiple trips with the same truck to move the rest of it to the new house.

    As we found multiples of things we started piling them together & counting... we found over 20 tire gauges, 40 pocket fold knives, about 60 small flashlights (many with no batteries or dead), about 8 ladders, 20 or more extension cords, about 100 clamps, about 20 cordless drills... and it went on & on & on... WHAT THE HECK WAS HE THINKING!?!

    The weird things we found that didn't necessarily come in multiples:
    ~ everything you'd ever need to do stained glass (including a box of colored glass) - we never saw him do this...
    ~ a box full of leather working stuff (to make belts or something I suppose? Again, he never used it).
    ~ some stuffed birds... eww
    ~ and so many other weird & sometimes wonderful things... it took us down memory lane but we were kind of glad he wasn't there to give us the list of excuses to keep all that stuff!

    Glad Bob & you got through it, it's a shit-ton of work!

    1. Bob's mom was a hoarder too. He isn't, but I can see that tendency to attach sentiment to stuff that is a real stretch. But true hoarding, like your dad and his mom is super sad isn't it? Glad you got through that!