Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How YOU doing?

Below are some quotes that my boys have said lately. I won't say who says what.   I just thought I'd share a few today.

My son walks into my room the other night and says this,

"Whenever I walk by a group of girls, I raise my shoulders and flex my pecs.  I let them bounce on display."

All while he was looking at himself in the mirror, practicing.

Smiling at this little weirdo, I asked him, "And how does that work for you?"

He just says, "They don't really notice."

And he turned around and walked away.  Glad he is working on his "game."

Yesterday a different son runs up to me and screams, "I just got the high score!  I sneezed FOUR times in a row!"

A few weeks ago I got asked this:

"Would you make me go to school if I woke up and my penis was 5 feet long?"

The answer was, "No, you could stay home.  Good luck with that."

Boy kids are really funny.


  1. This post is HYSTERICAL! I can only imagine having a house full of boys. I love laughing in the morning. I'm glad i read this now. Thank you for sharing.

  2. HAHAHA, that's awesome. My 5 year old nephew was telling me the other day about the different versions of games on his iPod, only the conversation went like this:
    Nephew: I have two virgins of this game
    Me: Really, two virgins?
    Nephew: Yup, a fast virgin and a slow virgin. The fast virgin is harder though.
    Me: Yup, gotta watch out for those fast virgins!

    Then I had to leave the room to go laugh, it was just so damn cute!

  3. I had to read these to hubby! Priceless!

  4. LOL... You have the most hilarious family. They sound like they have your sense of humour!!!!!

  5. i have boy kids. and i totally agree with you. mine just asked me if my boobs were going to explode. love it.