Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I play with Jon Hamm

I get star-struck SUPER easy.  So much that I cannot act normal even if the school principal is around.  Well, of course that is exaggerating.  

Anyhow, I know people, who know people.  I know people, who know people, who are famous.  But I don't really know any famous people myself.  BUT, since I know people, that know people, I sometimes get to do stuff that is fun like, play Words With Friends with actor Jon Hamm.  Who by the way is EXCELLENT at this game and has beat me every time.  I am sure he is just super smart.  Not a cheater.  Am I a cheater?  I have cheated.  But I am here to tell you, the man is good.  Which also, by the way, is just the sort of thing that turns me into a stalker.  

I promised my good friend that I would not mention her name here, because obviously how embarrassing for her that her very own friend might Words With Friends stalk actor Jon Hamm.    But I can assure you that she knows Jon Hamm and I REALLY do get to play Words With Friends with him.  

When I first asked him to play, I messaged him,  "Hi, I'm (my friend's name) friend, and I hear you like to play.  Okay?"

He messaged me back, "Sure!"

And then he kicked my ass.  So I started another game with him.  He accepted it and kicked my ass again.

So I wish I would have taken screen shots of the times I actually sent him private messages.  I would sit and go back and forth about how I so badly just wanted to say, "Hi Jon Hamm, I'm Betsey.  I like celebrities, should I visit soon?"  But really, how could I?  Nothing screams I am a midwestern, stay-at-home, middle-aged, over-weight, mother of four, like weird conversations.  Plus, I didn't want to scare him off.  I did however congratulate him when he got like 161 on one word.  Maybe that is an exaggeration too, but it was the most points I have ever seen on one word  Like triple, double, score on something huge.  He talked back to me.  Said he got lucky or something.  I seriously skipped around.  Nerd city.

I think we played like 5-6 games, in which he beat me every time, even when I cheated.  I swear, it bugged me.  I wanted to beat actor Jon Hamm like you can't believe.  Probably because I just never wanted to stop playing with him. For real, I was way too excited about it.  Like we were besties or something.
Well, I asked my friend if I should ask him to play another game.  She suggested that I quit being such a total dork and stop WWF stalking him.  I thought maybe it could be a good time to write screen play about this girl stalking a famous actor through Words With Friends.  I asked her if I could pitch the idea to Jon Hamm through Words with friends.  She  I still think it is a good idea.

I think I did finally ask too many times, in which he finally stopped accepting. Maybe he got creeped out, and rightly so.

I had a real problem with Words With Friends.  I played morning, noon and night.  It was to the point that I had so many games going at once, it was like a job.  Really weird that I would become obsessed with something and do too much of it, right?  I deleted the app and stopped playing for a good long while.

So when I was thinking about writing this post, I decided to start playing again.  Then I thought, "What if Jon Hamm still plays?

My friend says yes, then she said that it went all over the internet that he likes to play.  So now he gets asked to play a lot.  You can read about that here.  But I thought...I bet he remembers me, I mean who wouldn't?

Guess what?  I am playing with Jon Hamm.  And that S.O.B. is beating me.  I think I won't dream up questions to ask him OR cheat this time.   I will pretend we are friends.  Not in a creepy stalker way...well not SUPER creepy stalker. Maybe I'll start working on that screen-play. I bet NO ONE ever talks movies with him.   Or maybe I'll just play the game and stop being such a dork.  Admit it though.  It's pretty cool right?


  1. Omg! Chat him and tell him you have a friend who loves MadMen!! I'll bet NOONE has said that yet. (oh, and WWF too!) (not wrestling, FYI) ...I'm dying we have so much in common. ;) You lucky duck Bets!


  2. That is SERIOUSLY sooooo way cool! He's yummy. I am jealous.

  3. whhatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt>?

    1. I know, I know. But here is the funny part. I think he isn't using his old name Jonhamm anymore, because I beat him this last game. I didn't ask to play again. Maybe after someone wrote the little thing that he liked to play, he opened up another account. My friend won't ask if that was really him this last game, because she isn't a nerd, like me. OR maybe I really just kicked his ass this last time?

      I may never know....