Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Awesome week and Happy Halloweenie

I have had a long trip.  As many of you know, I went to Los Angeles with my daughter on a ten day adventure.  We went by Amtrak, because as you also know, this mama doesn't leave the ground.  It was a long and wonderful trip.

Today, at my meeting, the topic was about staying in the moment.  How hard that is to do.  But when you are on a train, with no internet, and no phone reception, you have to stay in the moment.  For someone like me, with such a huge attachment (addiction?) to my phone, this was hard.  But it was obviously not hell.  To follow are some of the pictures I took on that train.  This country is big and beautiful.  I am glad to report that we are a long way from running out of room.  

Also, you know I did end up doing the Ricki Lake show.  I will write about that later.  For now, here is some of our beautiful country and out train adventure.  This is what I mostly saw out the window or on the train.  

I will be back to myself next week.  But  next one I will tell you about our actual trip to Los Angeles.  It was a blast.  And the time with my girl was such a gift.  She is a good little traveler and a pleasure to be with.  For me to say that about traveling with children, you know it has to be true.  Enjoy these pictures.  

This was in Montana somewhere, I believe.  
My girl, switching trains and getting tired.  
Montana, again with the beauty.
Trees turning color in moody fog.  So awesome.  
Unreal colors right?
Sleeper cars are expensive, tiny and worth every penny.

Big sky in Montana
Over a bridge we went, almost as scary as flying.
Oregon forests.  
I believe this is again Montana.  Maybe Oregon.
Some flowers on the dining car table.  Fancy. 
Ocean 120 miles of untouched beach.
Rich folks eating.  Not really.  The conductor never shut up.  I was like "okay dude, we get it.  You know your shit."
Most beautiful shots of the ocean ever.  

I couldn't stop saying, "WOW!"

Frank was texting me from Bob's phone.  
More Ocean
More Montana
This is what is in the fridge on my return

This is the pumpkins
These are the costumes.

And finally, my son carved penises into the side of his pumpkin.  Clever kid, clever.


  1. Amazing! you had a great week and fun. Pumpkin looks cute in the end and Hallowen costumes are super eye candy!

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  2. Holy hell... THOSE PICTURES ARE AMAZING. You are so lucky! And I die about the pumpkin penises. That is so fucking funny I just about cannot stand it.

  3. BWAHAHAHA! love the pumpkins, awesome! Glad your trip went well; can't wait to read about it.

  4. Your boys make me laugh!!!

    Lovely photos and looking forward to seeing more about your time on RL!!