Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm going back to Cali...I don't think so.

So remember when I was telling you that I might go to Los Angeles to be on a TV show?  Yeah, well, I am not going now.

I was approached (through Twitter, with every other Tom, Dick and Harry) to be on Ricki Lake's new show.  They are (were?) planning on doing a show about "Addicted Housewives." They had run across the ABC stuff, this blog, and thought I looked like a pretty good addicted housewife. They even left a message on Bob's uncle's phone (we don't have a land line.) So of course, ego inflation 101.

 I made it perfectly clear to their producer, Lisa, that I would be interested on doing the show IF they focused on recovery.  I would share some of my drugalog, but I HAD to be able to talk about the good side of addiction.  The recovery side.

I wanted to make sure the story went from Addicted Housewives, to Recovering Housewives. No more Adderall bashing or stuff like that. But, of course, I'm not in charge of a goddamn thing, like I think I am.

She was totally down with that.

Ricki Lake is back on the air after a bunch of years off.  She is trying to do a show "more like Oprah" than the way her show was before with paternity tests and cheating men.  After watching a few episodes, I decided that it would be okay for me to do this, and hopefully it could help someone.  Even people who watch Fox deserve recovery, right? I'm kidding.

Then came the travel conditions.  You see, I don't fly. Right?  You've heard me say that a million times.  Fucking can't imagine it.  Anyway, I checked out the train.  Like I said before, three days there, three days back, $2,300.00.

Good news was that Ricki Lake was taping a show on phobias, the day I brought this up. So they understood it.  And Lisa, the producer LOVED me.  She made it sound like they wanted me so bad, that they could make it work.

Los Angeles?  Me?  Alone on a train for six days without kids, husband, or people I know? Sleeper car with all the stuff and meals and oh my god, just me and the train Wi-Fi?  The beautiful views all the way across America?  And then on Ricki Lake to maybe show someone that sobriety and recovery are possible and beautiful?  WOW!!!

Of course, the day they taped the phobia show, Lisa abruptly left the show. (Fired?)  And no producer has called me since.

Bummer for me.  But, my motives were quickly changing as I thought of all that alone time. So I guess, it worked out for the best.  My stupid ego.

I did Tweet the producer's assistant (because I'm impatient as fuck)  She said that my train cost was out of their budget.  They offered to fly me to L.A. on Tuesday night, sleep at a hotel, tape show at 4-5pm on Wednesday, and fly out that night.

That may be how they do things in TV world.  But this anxious bitch couldn't possibly survive a flight, a TV show with a LIVE audience, and a flight back, all within 48-hours.  No way.  Beyond my limits. My heart would explode.

I then came back with, a flight out, and a train back.  I heard crickets from them.

So, that deal is off.  I am sure they found another recovering addict, who lives in L.A. Lord knows there are plenty of people like me, who have wonderful stories of addiction and recovery. I am not that unique or special.  When asked to do something that shares the truth that people can have a happy life in recovery, I am always going to say yes when I can.  This time, I couldn't.   Not a huge deal.

I'll take that train to Cali someday.


Deal ain't dead yet!!i might get the train yet!!


  1. Strange thing is, a guy I know what JUST on Ricki, like last week, via Skype.I am not kidding. Did they offer to let you "Skype it in"? (or did you just really want to got to LA) ;)

  2. I wish there was something i could do or say for you to be more comfortable on a plane. I travel so much with my job that getting on a plane every Monday and Friday is like driving to the office for most people. I hunker down in my seat with a book and my ipod and i'm good to go.
    Betsey , you still have a voice and your story is a good one. Dont be discouraged by the LA thing.

    1. It's not over yet!! I'll know more later.