Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to the grind

Well, I am still in the after vacation funk.  What a problem to have right?  And the time change is REALLY bugging me.  I am so freaking tired, and unmotivated, it is yucky.

I am a college student (a really old one), in school to be a licensed drug and alcohol counselor in the beautiful state of Minnesota.  I am also a procrastinator.  Always have been, always will be.  And every semester, I wait until the last minute to do everything.  This semester, the work load has been light...until now.  I knew it was going to happen.  I said I was going to keep up.  But instead, I just let it happen.  So my blogging might be a little slow and sucky.  I don't have time to fricken do anything but read, write papers and presentations.

Oh, and parent and work on my recovery.  Which alone, is a full time job.

Complain much?

So I tell my kids to get their homework done right after school, so they don't leave it to the last minute.  But do I do this?  Hell no.   I lock myself in my room or go to the library and feverishly try to finish my last minute assignments.  Which, I always get done (almost always) under the gun.  The extra stress this creates on me is stupid.

Like right now, I have Windows open, as I am supposed to be finishing my written assignment #5 for a class.  My book is open.  Papers are all over my bed.  It is due, electronically, by midnight tonight.  And guess what I am doing?  Blogging about it.  Real smart.

My daughter starts her new school on Monday.  This is an online school.  It is going to be really important for us to keep on schedule and not let things fall behind.  I will not treat her school, like I do my own.  Because it won't work for her if I allow that.  So this will be good for all of us.  I know we can do it!

Back to work for me.  I have five hour and twenty minutes to finish my assignment.

School is a privilege.
School is a privilege.
School is a privilege.

I have to keep saying that some days.


  1. That was an amazing article, Betsey. (Did you know your name autocorrects to Berserk? That's funny... I love that shit :)) So amazed by your strength, candor and wit. You rock girl. I love how in the article you said that you loved every second of Hazelden. I went for a family program while my brother was in treatment and I cried when I had to leave. It's so safe there and everyone just KNOWS. No explanation necessary. You're a beautiful mom and wife. It never looks like what we think it will look like. I'm thinking that's okay the older I get. Again, and as always... Thank you for sharing your story.