Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday, on Thursday

Wrote this late last night. little boys are sleeping. They wanted me to bring them to the mall to buy 1/2 price Holister (I know) shirts at midnight. I'm laying here thinking I could tell them my alarm didn't go off, or blame it on them for not waking up (even though I haven't tried.) I've never participated in Black Friday because I've always either been too poor, or whenever I have money, I don't care about sales. Which is why I will forever remain poor.

No, I will attempt to wake them and run to the mall for a few shirts. Then we will run right home. They will most likely cry, because they will realize that buying clothes is dumb, and toys are better. Thankfully, the toy store isn't exactly connected to the mall, but they will indeed throw a fit anyhow. I could avoid the hassle by letting them sleep, but what fun would that be? It's Thanksgiving for god's sake. I need to show these little punks the true meaning of greed. Hell, just like our ancestor's showed the indigenous people here in America. It makes perfect sense.

Turns out only one is asleep.

And one is frogman, waiting to roll.

So we wake up the sleeper, and get into the car.  

Now, it is only 11:30 pm.  The sale at the mall doesn't start until midnight.  I have never gone to a Black Friday deal, so I don't really know what I am doing.  I'll do what I don't usually do, and go to Walmart.  I do this because I thought I heard they had two-for-one Legos.  Remember in the earlier paragraph I said no toys?  I am not even out of the driveway yet, the kids haven't asked for toys, and I'm going to buy them toys.  Seems logical.  I am already caught up in the moment.  

And don't judge me for shopping at Walmart tonight.  I'd like to see the movie on Target, Costco, and the like.  They all are evil.  Walmart is just a bit extra evil.  

Did I tell you that I am gifted with excellent parking?  Some folks can sing, some can paint, I get good parking spots.  This is the Walmart parking lot, and I got TWO spaces out of handicap.  I usually get the one NEXT to handicap, but this is Black Friday/Thursday right?

Holy mother of god there are a lot of people shopping in the middle of the night.  I thought this shit didn't start until like 6 am on Friday, but they are already here.  Insane.  

Well, the Legos I THOUGHT were two-for-one were gone. So because I already said the word "Legos," I bought some Legos, with the promise given to me that the boxes would stay sealed until tomorrow.

Off to the mall, where I can report that I didn't get as good of a parking spot.

The mall is just as crazy as Walmart, except worse. I kind if love it though.

We spent about $130.00 at Holister, and got a huge bag full of loot. I HATE Holister. Like, what the hell is wrong with a store when you can't see the size if the pants because there is no lights in there? And you can't ask for help, because it's too loud to hear. And don't even get me started on the smell. I feel like I might have a seizure every time I go in there.  Not to mention, there were two very young and in shape men (boys) in their swim-suits at the door to greet us.  I felt like a sex offender even making eye contact.  My god.

But I still go in there, because I want the kids to dress how they want to dress. I wish they didn't love that stuff, but they do. Personal style, even if it is being a sheep right?

Anyway, we got an Icee

And were home and sleeping by 1 AM. Totally fun little adventure with two of my favorite guys on the planet.


  1. This was so fun to read. You're making good memories, girl. Those are some lucky and happy boys.

    1. Why, thank you Keely. It was pretty fun.