Monday, November 19, 2012

Flight and drugs.

I saw two movies this weekend.  And neither of them were made by Pixar.  That is one of the beautiful things of my kids getting older.  I don't have to sit through kid movies.  I honestly hate almost all kid movies.

So, maybe this is going to be a little bit movie review-ish of me.  You know I'm getting comfy in my blogging role when I begin to review shit.  Dear lord, someone stop me.

I want to talk about the movie Flight, but I will quickly say that I also saw the movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  This one, I went with my daughter.  It is one of those movies where you keep thinking about it after it is over.  I like when that happens.  It made me feel like I was back in awful high school in a achy way.  I loved the music in this movie.

This might be a spoiler alert?  I mean, we all know there was a plane crash in Flight, right?  We know he is a drunk?  Okay then.

I was excited to see Flight, because I had heard it showed the insanity of not being able to stop drinking.  It also showed in a very real way, how alcoholics deal with stressful situations.  How they deal with not so stressful situations, and how they deal with life.  They drink.  Numbing the pain of life, relationships and hard times is what makes an alcoholic, an alcoholic.  It may look crazy, but it is an absolutely normal response, for people with this disease.

What isn't normal for us, is to NOT drink during these life deals.  So those times, where things are so shitty, and that alcoholic or drug addict you know STILL uses?  It is a no-brainer.  Of COURSE they do.  It is the only way we know how to cope.  That is why we have a hard time unlearning what comes natural to us, not to use.    But we can learn it, if we are willing to surrender the fact that we have to do it another way.

And once we start to open the door to using, like sniffing the bottle, walking by the liquor store, driving by the dealers house, we have already began the dance.  There is a scene in the film where he opens the fridge in the hotel after being dry for eight days.  He stares at it, and takes out a little bottle of booze.  He opens the cap, sniffs it, replaces the cap, puts it on TOP of the fridge, (not inside) and walks away.  A few seconds later, his had swipes by and grabs the bottle.  The next scene, the hotel room is trashed, and he is passed out near the toilet.  It is allowing that sniff, that can lead us to total ruin again and again.

Here is what I thought.  I hate to fly.  That movie confirmed it for me.  Flying is dumb.  That crash scene is exactly what haunts my dreams.  I never EVER want to know that we are going down.  Of all the things in that movie, the crash is what made me crawl out of my skin.

There is drug use in this film.  Very graphic cocaine use.  You can hear him crushing it up and see him chopping up a line.  You can see him lining them up and you can see him snort it.  You can see his nose run, and you can almost feel it (as my friend said) running down the back of your throat.  But surprisingly enough, that didn't trigger me.  I didn't want it.  So, I really am recovering, I guess.  Awesome.

Some people I talked to got a bit twitchy from those coke scenes.  But like I said, those didn't bother me, which is weird.  As alcoholics, booze is everywhere.  So we might get desensitized from seeing it all over.  But we don't go to dinner at Applebee's and see people sitting at the bar, chopping up lines of cocaine to snort.  If that was the case, I would never leave the house.  So seeing these images, can be a problem for some, and you should be ready.  I couldn't handle seeing open drug use like that.  I would have to really work hard at my program.

I should get paid for these movie plugs.  Wouldn't that be cool?  I would say that both are worth it.  

Have a good Monday.

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  1. Oh my Betsey- you know i travel for my job and i have to board a plane twice a week to get to and from. I feel so much safer in the sky than i do once i land and have to drive home in my car from the airport. There are less crashes in the sky than hundreds of car accidents daily.
    I totally understand that we all have our fears and i respect that. Just dont let Hollywood make it worse for you.
    I want to see Perks of a Wallflower but may have to go alone because my boyfriend doesnt want to see it. I saw Skyfall this weekend and i loved it! I am normally not a fan of many Bond movies but it was great.