Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good show

This is how I remember sounding like:

Ricki, "So, when did you start using?"

Me, "Huh?"

Ricki, "When did you start using?"

Me, "I like oranges."

Ricki, "What is your name?"

Me, " are gross."

This whole time, I have been secretly sweating the fact (in my head) that I made a fool of myself. But the truth is,  I think it went great.  I am so hard on myself.  So, this is a pretty big thing for me to admit that I did a good job.  That is some real personal progress folks.

Here is a clip of the show, and all I could find to post:  

The Ricki Lake Show - Moms taking their kids' ADHD medication

They do this, "After Ricki" U-stream deal online every night. They emailed me and encouraged me to be a part of it.  I noticed it on Twitter that they said, "it is going to start in a half hour."  So, I logged on and started commenting like crazy.  First of all, I told them "The only drug you can die of withdrawal from is alcohol."  Pretty rude the way I said it, and I think I pissed the producer off a little, as she disagreed.

I know alcohol is the most common drug to die of withdrawal from.  At least that is what I learned at Hazelden and Metropolitan State University.  You may FEEL like you want to die from withdrawal of other drugs, but you usually won't. I am not saying you can't. But it isn't nearly as common as it is with alcohol.  That doesn't mean you should keep doing them though. Or withdrawal on your own.

Anyway, I started mad-tweeting on this "After Ricki" deal, which also posted on my Facebook wall.  This embarrassed the shit out of me, because I don't want my Facebook world knowing what a true, freaky, dork I can be.  Those worlds must remain separate.  So I deleted almost all of it.  And removed the link to the U-stream.  This is a good example of how fucking strange I can really be.

I am proud of the show Ricki Lake did yesterday.  As a person in recovery, I would be proud of it even if I wasn't on it.  It focused on the solution of addiction.  And that is what people need to hear.

Now I can get back to normal. My eye will stop twitching, and can focus on the kids, school and the holidays. Did I mention I hate the holidays?

Oh, I'll get to that.


  1. I fucking hate Christmas too. Can't wait to hear your story of it :) And for the entire Ricki episode to find its way tot the internet so I can watch. -Tanya

  2. I recorded the show yesterday on my DVR and watched it before going to bed last night... I thought your interview was amazing and I know you inspired others by sharing your journey in recovery!

  3. You looked FAB on that short clip!....You spoke so well!!

    Looking forward to seeing the whole thing!

    1. I wish they would post it and let me link it here, but they won't.

    2. I am working on getting a copy off of a VHS tape. Then I'll post it.