Friday, November 2, 2012

My last post...

I don't see my last post on my reader list, so I'm wondering if you see it on yours.  Blogger still puzzles me and I'm too scared to switch to Word Press because I'm not so computer savvy.

 Check it out if you don't.  So basically, this post is asking you to read my last post.  I'm needy like that.

Here are some pictures of Venice Beach.  I love it there.  Have a great weekend!!


  1. It was strange, i saw that you posted last night but when i clicked on it - i got error that it was removed.
    Venice Beach is probably one of my favorite places ever. Everyone walks to their own beat there for sure.
    Love the pictures you took!

  2. Yes the same thing happened with me. When I clicked on your post, it had been removed!...

    Looks like you had an awesome time with your girl!

    You are such a pretty person BTW!!!

  3. the post about ricki lake and a girls world i could see and just read?

    1. Yeah, it is there. It's a long story, but when I wrote it, I published it before it was done. So I put it back to draft form. It still showed upon the "Reader" list for those who are members. THEN when I actually DID publish it, it didn't move up the list to the top. So people could have missed it.

      I'm sorry for that boring explanation. You still awake? Ha ha. That's why I added another post.

  4. Hi! I was just looking at your blog cuz I told some friends about it tonight. I don't remember seeing the photos before... that's my feedback. Thanks you being you!

  5. um, that should have said thanks FOR being you!

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