Monday, December 3, 2012

I am still not caught up.

I still am not done with my school stuff.  I have SO much to do as school ends next week,  but all assignments are due by Friday.

Remind me never to do this to myself again.  Thanks much.

Here is a photo of my beautiful girl who I walk with almost every day

This is my beautiful, crazy girl being a goofball.

And here are my boys being weirdos. 

And me still working.  It isn't THAT bad.  I know there are more time consuming degrees to get.  I just again, leave it to the last second.  Old habits die hard. I did get a lot of grief for doing homework yesterday, when the kids were home from school.  Bob has turned into a caveman.  But I will talk about that another day, TRUST ME.   Until next week...


  1. My boys' video doesn't show on my iPhone, only my computer. So...just an F.Y.I.

  2. Thanks. My procrastination has just delayed my getting into an important class by a whole year. I missed the deadline by 1 day. I needed to hear today that I am not alone.