Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deadly Valentine's day candy

I have not every been a fan of this pressured-filled holiday. Is it a holiday? Nothing sets people up for a resentment, than a holiday filled with expectations.

Now, my husband and I are separated. I expect nothing. But that isn't really different than any other of our years together. We weren't big on declaring our love for each other on the big V day. I can't really remember ever getting anything for Valentine's day. I think I would have laughed in his face. Because I'm super sweet like that.

And since I'm obviously such a super excited holiday gal (you might remember that I hate the Christmas season and all of the hullabaloo that goes with it) picking out Spider-Man or Spongebob valentines and taping candy to (some years, with my four kids) 80+ cards seems nothing more than a pain in my ass.

Hey, I can be romantic. I also can be a fun mom. But these planned, pressure filled deals have always made me glad when they are over. I could change the way I think about it, but I really don't care that much. And I hopefully hide my disdain from the kids well enough.

Oh, and last night I had class, so they did their Valentine's on their own. So really, my work here is done. Well, except one of my boys (I won't embarrass anyone) had me buy him a heart-shaped box of candy for his girlfriend. (We move fast around here.). The one I got was too small of a display. So Bob was nice enough to go to the store and get him a bigger box of candy. He came home with this... boy (who is the giver of this love candy) has a raging peanut allergy.  Not really funny, or anything to mess with. And luckily, they ate the smaller box of candy, so that isn't an option anymore. I hate to use the words "epic fail, " but clearly, this was.

See?  Pressure and expectations.  He is giving it to her anyhow, and telling her she has to eat it at home, away from him.  He is armed with two Epi-pens. And I'll be worried ALL DAY LONG.  Luckily, he never eats anything with out reading the label, and takes his allergy VERY seriously.  He calls the candy a taser,  because it will take him down.  


  1. Well Happy Valentines Day anyway girlie!!!

    1. You too Holli! I guess I'm the Grinch of all things holiday. Maybe I'll lighten up someday! Have a great day my dear.

  2. Once again after my gasp I cracked up. Happy Valentine's day Betsey!