Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I'm a baby in this process. Oh, and CNN

This is what I wore.
I had an exciting and crazy day on Monday.

CNN came to my house.  Yes, CN-mother fucking N!  What?  The only time I thought something like that would ever happen to me is if I killed a bunch of people, or stoled a bunch of stuff.  Thank goodness it wasn't for anything like that.  It was so exciting.  Wow!!

I was contacted through Twitter by this nice man, (I won't mention his name unless he says it is okay) because he had run across my blog, and wanted to talk to me about doing a story about how recovery is possible.  Also, how my blog has been helpful to me, and where I am at now.  Can I say no to something like that?  No.

In August, I'll be sober  three years. I'm a baby in this process. But my life has dramatically gotten better in these past few years, than ever before. I have purpose, direction, and LIFE that I never dreamed of really.  That is what he wanted to share, and exactly what I wanted to share. Recovery is possible, it takes what it takes, and we shouldn't judge people by their struggle

This is how my house looked with lights
Those of us in recovery hear other people's stories of recovery all of the time. But the regular "normie" folks don't. And maybe they have a private struggle, or have a friend, or a family member that they need a better understanding of what this all means, so they can stop being hurt and angry all of the time.  Maybe they need to hear what we have to say so that they can feel comfortable to speak up, get help, offer the right help, understand resources available, OR just not hate on or shame us addicts and alcoholics.

This is how I look being interviewed
There is a movement going on right now and there are a whole bunch of us trying share our stories so that we can  remove the shame and the stigma surrounded by recovery.  Not just the addiction part, but the recovery part.  I want to be able to say that I did my part to help stop it.  I am honored, absolutely honored to be asked and a part of it.

Just so you know, I am writing this right now with a camera on me and two CNN folks standing behind me, filming this as I and very awkward!  But hey, I'm getting something written!

I can only speak for myself. I don't represent the way to recover, 12-steps, counselors-in-training or any of it. I am just telling my story, of my life, and how it has has gotten better.

This is how my daughter looks when she is interviewed 
This is what I've learned about myself and being nervous.  I don't remember anything that I say.  I hope I kept it on the recovery side.  But we will see.

My daughter did a great job as well and is happy to help me tell our story of recovery as a family.  I am so proud of her.

I have more to say about this idea of sharing stories.  I will talk more about that later.  Also, I don't know where or when it will air.  There are some VERY exciting recovery type stuff coming up in the near future, and I plan on telling you all about it.

I took my last final last night, so I am BACK.  I'll see you Friday.


  1. How exciting! Thank you for answering "the call" to be an advocate for us who prove we DO recover! Your brave daughter has such beautiful spirit too - what a gift.

  2. woohoo!!! I cant wait to see what's in store. You look beautiful. I need your autograph maam - getting all famous on us. :)
    Your daughter is very brave and its great to get her perspective.
    Missed ya.