Sunday, May 5, 2013

Movie week

I am planning on going to three movies this week, PLUS a speaker at the Recovery Church (yes, I said church).  It is almost like I have a fun life, other than kid stuff, or school stuff.

The first movie I am going to see is The Sapphires.  I am not trying to be Roger Ebert here, because nothing is more boring to me than hearing other people's written opinions of movies.  Unless I really like them and respect their opinion.  So I am not going to assume you respect my opinion.  This movie looks cute and my daughter and I are going to go to it together.  Plus, we are going Uptown to see it so we can feel cool.

The second movie, and the one I am MOST excited for is The Anonymous People.  This is the video below is from a Kickstarter campaign that he successfully funded the film up to this point.  He (Greg Williams) has showing screenings around the country.  He is still needing a big named distributor, to get this film to the masses.  This message is so very important.  I believe this film will be brilliant, and you can bet your ass that I'll tell you all about it after I see it.  I CANNOT WAIT.  

You can see the newest trailer for The Anonymous People,  HERE.  Watch it, share it, and SPREAD IT AROUND.  

The last movie I'll see (probably) is The Great Gatsby.

My relationship with this book is a strange one.  I read it.  But then I bought the audio-book for a road trip that we took with the family.  That was like three years ago.  I have listened to this book, with headphones,  EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, ever since.  

At first I did this to drown out Bob's horrific snoring.  (No, for real, you couldn't even believe how he snores.)  And now, I just need it to fall asleep.  I listen to a different chapter (mostly just the beginning of a chapter...because I fall asleep) depending on my mood, I guess.  The reason I continued to use this book is because the man's voice who reads it, isn't annoying to me.  Most audio-books are impossible for me to listen to, because the voices get on my nerves.  I am really weird like that.  

So it is safe to say that could probably come close to reciting this book, word for word.  I don't know who the guy is on the audio-book who reads it to me, but if I could meet him in person, I would thank him.  His voice isn't annoying, his spit doesn't crackle, he drowns out noise and he knocks me out better than Ambien.  

So it only makes sense that I would want to see the movie. It practically lives in my head.  I hope the movie doesn't ruin this for me.  

Anyway, that is my plan for the week.  Not too shabby.  


  1. There are supposed to be YouTube movie trailers on this post, but I can't see them on my iPhone. I hope you can see them!!!

  2. When is the screening of The Anonymous People? Can you text or email me more info? I'd love to go!