Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I will make them like camping if it kills me.

I am the only one in my family who likes to go camping.  Which sucks.  So you heard me whine about my dad saying he'd buy a camper that we could use, and then saying no, and then saying yes.  Well, he said yes.

Bob and I used to go camping in a tent often.  We had a blast when it was just us.  I won't bore you with the story about how I got into a shouting match with a conservation officer while on shrooms because he wanted to see my I.D. because I was being too loud.  There was a meteor shower man, I was on shrooms.  It was beautiful.  And "I AM FUCKING CAMPING DAMN IT, I don't know where my wallet is, so take your rent-a-cop ass somewhere else."  Yeah...those are REAL cops with REAL guns.

We did it with the kids too.  The last time we did it in a tent with them, it rained so hard, and the wind was so strong, there were trees falling down all around us.  The only dry spot in the tent was where Bob was laying, and he wouldn't wake up. Might have scarred the kids a little.

That was the last year in the tent.  We then did resorts, and then his aunts cabin.  We did buy a cheap pop-up, but the kids didn't like it because six people in a pop-up is tight.  And for a family that doesn't like camping, I have to make sure there is less to complain about.

Now, we have this:

This is the inside:

Can you even fucking believe this?  Do you know what I was doing three years ago?

I was watching one of those Bravo TV shows (um...like every single one of them) and they said, "everyone should have a sugar-daddy, but it shouldn't be your OWN daddy."  That is gross on every single feminist level.  But I thought it might apply here.

My dad wants my family to succeed, WITH Bob.  He supports us as a whole.  He believes that having this place to go, together, will be good for Bob.  Maybe will help him with his disease.   Give him a place to relax and get out of the house.  It is nice to have support from my side of the family as they support us as a whole.  It isn't like that on both sides.  I took a lot of grief and have never really been liked.  That makes it hard on a family.

I don't expect this to change our marriage situation.  But we can make some memories.

We found a campground that will take us, has a beach, and seems like a good fit.  So this isn't really camping, the way that I always thought about it, it will totally work.  We are side by side to other campers, it has a store on site, a game room, golf carts, a golf course (I'll never play) and lots of stuff going on. This is the kind of camping my kids will LOVE.

(Who is taking bets on the results of my expectations?)

As for Bob, he can come with if he wants to. He doesn't have to, obviously.  But I think he will like it. Another expectation?  Yes. I'm hoping we can have some fun.   We just take our life together one day at a time.  (At least I try to.)


  1. I love this story, thanks for sharing.My wife and kids and myself just got back from the black hills camping it was a blast.it was my wifes first time camping.allot of good memories. It was great seeing you both at the ballgame the other night :)

    1. It was great! Thanks. I think we will have so much fun here!

  2. That is one swanky camper! You guys will be livin' it up in style! So glad you found a neat resort. We know all about expectations, yadda yadda, and its still okay to show up and ask the spirit to move. The trick is not getting pissy when it doesn't turn out how we think it should, right? Hope you all have a blast! I am dragging my husband to a 12-steppers camping event and he is just dreading it. Too bad for him, I'm going to have an AWESOME time!!!

  3. I just randomly clicked over to your blog from a comment you had left on a post from The Bloggess. We are both in MN... small world!

    Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow MN blogger!

  4. Holy cow that is sweet!! I want to come camping and i never want to camp. Your kids are going to love it. Cant wait to hear about your next trip.