Monday, July 1, 2013

One weekend down

So last Wednesday we brought the camper to it's home in Kerrick, MN.  Population: 65.  I think most of the people there are related.  And not in the inbred way, just in a there isn't a lot of people living in that town way.

You might see four people driving down the road like this:

That is a mattress they were holding on the roof with their hands, and doing a great job.

We found a campground there where they also sell campers.  So they also fix campers, and that is a perfect place for me.

My daughter and I went with my uncle and my dad's friend to bring it up there and put it in the spot we leased for the year.

These are our neighbors. When we put our camper up, they weren't there.  Their camper was sitting on tree stumps, and their blocks were laying between our sites.  My uncle thought the blocks were up for grabs.  Not the case.  We took (stole actually) everything they had.  Nice way to start a neighbor relationship. But we were able to make it right by buying all of the blocks they have there now.  So it's all good.  All I can say is that our family has come a long way.  Like I said before on Facebook, they make us look like the Waltons.  They are louder than us.  Argue more than us. In a very sick way, I love that about them. So far...

My daughter and I slept there one night, but came back Thursday because the boys had a baseball game on Friday night, which was rained out anyhow.  So we packed up the twins, my daughter (the 12 yr old had a birthday party camping trip with a friend) and went back up.  

Hanging out front.  Bob even smiled a lot.  

The kids went fishing.  They floated out to that dock with the bench, and lost one floating tube.  Watching them figure out how to get back was hilarious.  Unfortuantly, the worms didn't make it back.  But no fish were hurt and they got to eat some free worms.  

We took a wagon ride around the park.  They do this once in awhile.  We saw the grounds and all  of the other campers.  There is for sure a culture of having the fancy lawn stuff at your camper.  Like, decks, lights, lawn ornaments, sheds, whatever. We are not going to compete.

It is hardly camping when you have a kitchen.  But it worked for them.

Sitting around the campfire, the moon looked like this.  We told stories about whatever. Ate s'mores. The boys read books.  It was very cool and relaxing.  I know that looks like the sun, but it was too late for it to be the sun.  We argued about it.  I think it was the moon.  

The dogs even loved it. (Really, she hates it up there).

So everyone enjoyed themselves.  Did we fight?  Yes.  Did I feel like I was doing all of the work?  Yes.  Bob read about 100 pages of his book, I didn't. But who's counting? (Me, and I'm always working on that). Overall, it was awesome.  I am so glad we picked that campground, that camper, and we can enjoy it.  I am so grateful for my dad for setting us up like this.  New adventures for us.  I know I am pretty lucky.

So now we are home, they are fighting, hitting and swearing at each other and I'm thinking I might run away and drive up there alone...


  1. Pardon what a sap I sound like, but I kind of almost started to tear up a little bit when I scrolled down & saw Bob with that big smile, sitting with the kids. What a beautiful picture. It sounds like a fabulous weeked & I am SO happy for you! Maybe you could send a few good vibes our way as we take our maiden family camping voyage on Wednesday! lol.

    1. Ha! Well sap all you want. He did have his moments. Good luck to you. You using a tent?

    2. Yep, tents it is! I need luck. mostly I need to get away, disconnect and decompress. I used to hate camping & I am so looking forward to this :-) I am super happy for you/your fam. You make me smile!

  2. Nice description of your family adventures, Betsey. Sounds fun.

  3. What a great weekend! Thats the camping i want to do- bed, kitchen, bathroom, water- then count me in.
    I agree with above comment, its nice to see Bob smiling and enjoying himself.
    I'm so jealous of your getaway spot.