Thursday, June 13, 2013

You can't always get what you want...well...

We have that pop-up camper that I have shown you from last year.

We had it up at Bob's family cabin for the last two years, which was pretty cool.  But with things being a little weird, and I wanted to maybe travel with it, they delivered it back to our house a few weeks ago.

We bought this camper for cheap.  And the roof was bad and bondo'd when we bought it.  We are suckers.  Couldn't haggle and get a good deal if it was presented to me.  I suck at that.  I almost always get screwed.  I get too excited, and take the first thing I see.  It is almost always the wrong decision.  So when Bob's mom died and left us some money, we bought the first one we looked at.  It lasted a few years, but I think it is ready for the junk yard.

Over the winter, the tarp which covered it broke. and there are more cracks on the roof.  Amazingly enough, it was dry on the inside.  It needs more bondo, and I'll have to figure that out.  The electric on the trailer doesn't work and I  think the electricity on the inside doesn't work either.  Basically, it is a shelter.  It needs work for someone who knows what they are doing.  I am not that person.

So here it sits in our driveway for now.  I have no idea where to begin, or what to do.

I am not asking for sympathy here.  This NEXT part is where you should feel sorry for me. (Haha)

Because I struggled, and am on the right track now, my dad offered to rent us a cabin at a resort for a week this summer.  He thought we could use some time together. I know...poor me. 

Growing up, my parents always brought us to Alexandria, MN to the Viking Trail Resort.  We went the same week in the summer, every year, for my entire childhood.  The same families went there that same week, along with my cousins.  I have some of my best memories from that place.  And I always wanted to do the same for my kids.

For a few years, we were able to do that.  We tried different resorts.  They are very expensive. And we could afford it,  until, of course, the life shit hit the fan and the drugs made those trips too expensive. 

My dad got a brilliant idea.  HE could buy a nicer camper, put it on a seasonal campground that has a lake or river, and we could use it!  It wouldn't really be OUR camper, we would just use it.  So we found this one:

The inside looks like this:

With bunk beds on one end, and a queen on the other.  Couch that pulls out to a bed and all kinds of great stuff.

My dad had me call the guy that owned it and I haggled with him.  We were within about $500.00 of each other.  Then he had me drive around Wisconsin on Sunday looking for a spot to put it.  So my daughter and I did just that.  And we found the perfect spot:

This place is about 1-1/4 hours from home.  It has a beach, skate park, little store, resturant, water trampoline, and all kinds of stuff.  My kids were SO EXCITED!

So the camper dude was going to be home on Tuesday from a fishing trip.  I was supposed to call him to go over the final haggling, of which I planned to win.  I've been watching "Million Dollar Listing" on Bravo, so I am probably good at this shit!

My dad called me on Monday morining and told me he is pulling the plug on the idea.  He just doesn't want the hassle.  He doesn't want to do it anymore.  Just like that, the dream died.

I threw a tantrum.  Not to my dad, but my family saw.  I was (am) SO dissappointed.  I laid in bed for FOUR HOURS.  Crying on and off.  Like a fucking baby.  I mean, I am a 42 year-old woman who should be able to do this shit for her family without needing her daddy. But I can't do it without his help, and by the time I can, my kids won't want to come with me.  I just wanted to create some memories.  The self-pity was ENORMOUS and went on and on.  

My dad just paid a shit-ton of money to help me fix up my house.  He doesn't need to buy a camper for my family.  He doesn't owe me shit!  I just wish he hadn't planted that seed into my head.  That triggered some insanity up in my brain.  But he does have every right to change his mind. And it's my responsibility to handle it. I did a terrible job. Couldn't shake the pouting. 

I have had many periods of spoiled-brat syndrome in my life. I decided not to bug him for a few days. 

UPDATE** He called me last night and said we are still going to find a camper**

STUFF still makes or breaks me damn it.  So I have a lot of work to do in that area.  But for now, I'm going camper shopping. Let the insanity begin. 

(The guy from the above camper hasn't called me back, so I should watch another marathon of "Million Dollar Listing.")

By the way, they wrote about my spoiled brat ass in this nice article below.


  1. YAY! I hope you find the perfect camper! BTW - I know some people who own a campground near Mora, it's on a lake, has a store and game room and the only people there are the "seasonals". Let me know if you want more info, I haven't been there in years, but it was a nice place. Also, I know one of "seasonals" who keep their camper there. She's our age, went to Harding (maybe you know her, or at least have mutual friends) and I think her kids are around the same age as yours...

  2. Good luck on getting the camper. I have a lot of fond memories of camping when I was a kid. We always did it on the cheap though, nothing that considered a resort or expensive. Maybe that's why I don't mind living in a campground now.