Monday, July 22, 2013

Adults might take kids sports just a tad too seriously

That's my boy catching
My twins played in-house baseball this year. We had a great season. The team they were on was filled with kids from their elementary school and the coaches were dads of those kids. We mostly all know each other and it was a fun to watch the team do well.

We played twelve games regular season.  Ten wins, two losses.  In the play-off games we played three games.  Two wins, and one loss at the end.  So for the total season, twelve wins, and three losses.  Two of those losses were to the same team, who beat us at the championship game to go to state.

Try to stay awake with me here.

The rules state for this in-house league that the players must have equal time playing infield, and outfield.  So they can't have one kid play first base, or right field, or catcher, for the entire game.  Everyone has fair play time infield and outfield.  This is why this isn't a traveling team.  It is a league for fun.

But the coaches of the team we lost to twice, who were undefeated this season, didn't rotate their players, (one of the coaches is a former pro-baseball player, and I won't mention who or which team he played for, but you local folks know who I'm talking about).  If that wasn't enough, they were so cocky, and rude during the games, that they weren't even trying to hide it.  They fought with our coaches AND the parents on the sidelines.  Then they handed their roster to our coach, like they had the right to play how they wanted. It was crazy.

So they beat us that last game and took away our chance to go to state.  Left us in second place.  We did give them a run for their money, and we didn't have to cheat to do it. Had we not rotated our players, we would have won. But we followed the rules.

But not so fast.  Our coach and another coach noticed this issue on the roster that last game, and questioned the association.  Of course, we didn't want the kids from the cheating coaches team to suffer and not go to state.  You can't steal the dreams of 10 year-olds like that (even though they tried to do it to our kids).  So the good news is that the association agreed and WE GET TO GO TO STATE TOO!

That's my boy pitching
To the coaches of that other team:
If you read this (which it isn't ESPN, so I doubt it), I hope you have the guts to apologize to us, and to the parents on your team.  What you did sucks.  Own it.  And please, don't coach anymore.  Because you take it WAY too seriously.  Two of your pitchers cried because our team got hits.  What kind of pressure did you put on them that they were so terrified to fail?  They are TEN years old!! That didn't happen at any other game, against any other team, in the whole league.  And trust me, our team got a lot of hits, against a lot of pitchers and no one cried.  You are TERRIBLE, greedy coaches.

I am just lucky that I have a blog.  Whether anyone reads it from any team, I get to put my two cents into the Internet and feel better.  Thanks for listening.

Oh, and one more thing.  My older son plays Lacrosse.  That league requires a  "Chill Manager" on each team for the season.  That volunteer position is so that in case the parents on the sidelines get out of hand, like fighting with each other, yelling at the refs, the kids, etc., the "Chill Manager" will chill the people the fuck out.  This sport needs there to be a designated person to babysit the parents on the sidelines.

Guess who is the "Chill Manager" this year?  Your's truly.  I've never had to say boo to anyone.  It has been a great season!

Sports are crazy.  But I do love watching the kids play.  Well...I never am upset at a rain-out, but you get my drift. 


  1. Been reading for a while, but this is my first comment. This has been my son's first season playing basketball for a nearby city. My hubby and I had both experienced the horror stories of the coach's son or friends getting all the playing time. The league my son is in, has strict playing mins - you have to play all of the first quarter or all the 2nd quarter uninterrupted and are encouraged split time equally for the 3rd and 4th quarter. The league as a whole is strict with this, and at each quarter the kids have to check in with an "official" who tracks this. We have been fortunate that his coach (and most of the others) also split up the remaining playing time equally based on attendance. So many times the coaches forget it's the kids game not theirs. I'm glad you league heads found out and hopefully the rules will be followed in the future. Kids need to see there is more to sports than just the athletic side. That the sportsmanship is equally important. Good luck to their team!

    1. Thank you for commenting and YES I totally agree!