Saturday, July 27, 2013

Being drunk is fun, until it isn't.

At the camper this weekend we had lots of choices as to what we could do to entertain ourselves. There was the Big Ships in Duluth, there was some roller derby girls in Moose Lake, there was a fair in Willow River, or there was the karaoke right at our campground. My boys chose karaoke.

Here is the thing about seasonal camping. There is a HUGE drinking culture. And I mostly don't notice because people aren't really rowdy or out of control. But I'm sitting here right now, in a huge room of people (obviously being super social because I'm blogging about it as it happens), who are drinking. Singing their little hearts out. Most of them I would classify as drunk. 

People are having a great time, I've seen some spills, some stumbles, but mostly just a festive group.  My boy just turned to me and asked, "Mom, does being drunk make you giggle?" 

Well, yes. It can. These folks are sure making it look like a hell of a lot of fun. And let's face it. It is fun.  Unless you end up like me. And how do you know this when you are ten years old?  You don't. 

But, in order for me to sing karaoke, (my boy thinks I sound like Adele when I sing, which proves that love is also deaf) I know for a fact being tipsy would help. So in this instance, drinking probably looks like more fun to them then being sober. I blamed it on being shy, which is true. I don't know these people. And I'm certainly not going to grab the mic and sing sober to a bunch if drunk people. I'm not that gal. So hopefully the kids will know it's because signing in public isn't my thing, rather than I'm a boring sober person.  Because the first one is true, certainly not the second one. I hope. 

The last time I took the mic alone for Karaoke, was 1991 in New York City. I used to live there (did I ever tell you that story?  It's a good one) and it was one of my last nights there before I was to board the Greyhound for the trip home. 

I couldn't make it there, and I barely made it anywhere. 

ANYWAY, I got up (WASTED, mind you) and sang "Daniel" by Elton John and dedicated it to my best friend Daniel, who was sitting in the bar. I started sobbing on stage. But kept on singing. It was a real show, I tell you. The crowd called me Sinead O'Conner.  I've never been up to sing alone again, and I'm totally fucking cool with that. I can die without it. For real. 

Anyhow, I suppose my job now is to show my kids that being sober is just as giggly and fun as being drunk. I think I do an okay job of that. But there is something different about THAT kind of acting crazy fun vs. being sober. It was fun. Until it wasn't. 

Aside from this, this campground isn't too wild. By 10pm all is very quiet. So there is plenty of fun to show them. But we are in need of some more music (not karaoke) and raging sober fun. So I'll need to work on that for sure. 


  1. Wow you handled that so perfectly. You're kids are learning now that they will encounter drunk people but its how they handle it. I dont miss the hangovers thats for sure!
    i want to hear about New York....

  2. As I write this I'm seeing your story on hln, I have a problem with pills and don't know how to stop even through I want to, it just keeps calling me. Do you have advice? I want to stop and no one knows what I'm going through cause it's my secret :(

    1. Hello. It is really brave to even write this here. I'm sorry I have not responded sooner, I have been out of town and it has been hard to write here from my phone. Here is my advice. If you can't stop, get help. I don't know what kind of pills you are talking about, or where you live, but your life is more important than your secret. No one needs to know every detail. But get an assessment done for your pill use, and follow the recommendations. It seems so scary at first. I remember. But you have nothing to be ashamed of, and you deserve to get better. My best to you. Please keep me posted. You have an army of people in recovery behind you. Please feel free to contact me again.