Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm kind of pissed at the Minnesota Vikings.

My grandpa was a season ticket holder since the day the Vikings started, until the day he died. He followed them to all four (was it four?)  Super Bowls they were in, and watched them lose.  My dad kept those season tickets going for a long while, until it became a pain to get people to buy them from him, especially the preseason games, when he couldn't attend the game.

So my boys are playing football. You remember last year when I told you I hated it. I don't hate it this year. I just don't love it. It is taking up FIVE nights a week for the rest of our summer. That pisses me off a bit. 

Tonight is the first preseason game for the Vikes. My boys LOVE the Vikings.  So I thought, "Hey those tickets should be cheaper, let's buy four and let the males in the family go!"  Not to be sexist, but my daughter and I couldn't care less about the Vikings 

So I innocently go to their website and put in upper level, 50 yard line (are you impressed with my knowledge that there IS a 50 yard line?). And I get this 

From what I can tell, all of the upper level stuff is sold out or something. BUT WHO CAN AFFORD THIS?  It's a shame that you can't take your kids to a football game. It's bullshit. And we are building them a new stadium?  So that the cost will even be more?  It just doesn't make any sense to me that these guys get paid SO MUCH money, and lower income families never get to experience going to a game.  The system of professional sports is fucked, and we the people, just allow it.    

Not asking for pity here because we can't afford it. Just saying it is a waste of money. And I'm a little disgusted. 

Boy does it feel good to get that off of my chest. I guess we will watch them on TV like the rest of the middle class.  Silly me.

Have a good weekend!!

There was a Green Bay Packers advertisement on the side ---------------------->
If my boys saw that, I might be voted off of the island.  I muted it.  They are not Packers fans.

And a good woman named Kate showed me a game that our youth football team is being offered seats for $25.00 a piece.  So we WILL be going to a game this year.  I believe they are nosebleeds, but we won't care.  Or I should say THEY won't care. 

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