Saturday, August 31, 2013

My friend

I'm not going to mention names or pat myself on the back. But here is a story about why it is that we need to (if we can) share our stories outside of the 12 step rooms. 

Starting this blog was not at first to save anyone but me. I love to tell stories and here is a place to do that. Work out problems, connect with others, all of that. 

But while connecting, I reached a woman from my area, who couldn't stop drinking. And it was taking its toll on every aspect of her life. She was ready to stop. She ran across this blog, reached out to me, met me at a meeting, put herself into an intensive outpatient program, asked me to sponsor her (of which, I believe, I've done a shitty job and will take no credit) and today she received her one year medallion. I wasn't even there because I'm at the camper. That's how awesome I can be. 

My point is this. She may have found recovery anyway, because she was ready, and she was WILLING to do what she had to do. But the day my blog popped up on her Facebook page, for whatever reason, was the day she saw someone, who like her, was a mother, a wife, and who was at one time out of control, and made it back. She had the courage to reach out to me and ask me how I did it. And I told her. And she did it and continues to do it even when life isn't full of rainbows and sunshine 

So this is what can come out of stepping out of the shadows of recovery. We show people that it can work. Finding and hearing the different ways people have done it, and then hopefully finding what works for you. I'm not sure how many people we can save by sharing. I get the honor to know that my story helped one person. And her family. 

She did the work. I got to watch and be proud. I love you woman!!

This photo has nothing to do with this post. But how cute is it?

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