Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gifts of recovery

I wanted to share this text that I received from my daughter randomly yesterday. I've already tweeted it and put it on Facebook. But I can't stop being so happy.

I couldn't understand why she all of the sudden, out of the blue, said this to me. I figured it was because Homecoming is coming up and she wanted me to buy her more stuff. 

Oh, and I'll tell you the Homecoming story another time, which includes us now having two hamsters. What these girls are expecting from these boys...

Anyway, I asked her where this was coming from and she said that she was talking to a friend who has a parent, who is struggling so much. And Millie was having a moment of gratitude about my recovery and shared it with me. 

I am so proud of her too. I'm glad that other kids who are touched by this disease can go to her, and she will talk to them. I hope that by sharing our story, she can give hope and support where she can. She is a warrior. We are proof that it gets better. 


  1. So awesome that she is also able to lend her counseling from her point of view.
    You have my interest now about Homecoming!