Saturday, September 21, 2013

I wouldn't wear that

When I was in treatment at Hazelden, I couldn't figure out how or why anyone would want to wear their clothes with their logo on it.

I even asked the girl behind the counter, "does anyone ever buy these sweatshirts that have Hazedlen on the front?"  I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to advertise, outside of treatment, that they went to Hazelden. How embarrassing, right?

I did buy a zip-up hoodie from a girl on our unit that said "Simpson," which was the name of the unit I was on (shout out to my Simpson sisters!)  But no one outside of Hazelden would know that. So I was safe. 

After I did that media thing with ABC News, the folks at Hazelden sent me some coffee cups, and a super soft and warm hoodie with "Hazelden" across the front. Super pretty color, and I felt really special and grateful to be given it. 

I've hardly wore it because I've been embarrassed. Like, in front of my family, out in public, I don't want to make them feel bad, or remind them of my disease and when it was bad. So it has basically hung in my closet. 

This weekend it dawned on me. If I'm on this whole journey to tell everyone I can that recovery works, than I can wear a sweatshirt that has the name of a life-saving treatment center on the front of it. It was a gift to go there, and it was a gift to get the sweatshirt.

We were up at the camper, and we went out to breakfast, and I wore this:

Screw it man. Whether you go to Hazelden or not. Don't be ashamed to say where or how you got well. Be proud. 

And I've always said, my coffee tastes better out of a Hazelden cup. 

Walk it and talk it. That's my plan.