Thursday, October 17, 2013

ABC called

And they almost came back.  I even paid to get my house cleaned because I thought they were coming this week!

Originally they wanted to do a follow-up story on myself and my family. Or so I thought.  But what they were after was another mom, with the same problem that my story had maybe helped.

I told them that there were plenty of people who reached out to me.  Some of them got into sobriety, and some of them just wanted to talk about how I quit.  People reached out not only for Adderall, or meth, or alcohol, it was for all kinds of addictions  Isn't that a story?  But I hadn't really met another mom, that I know of, who is sober today, from Adderall and meth abuse, because of their piece or my being a part of it.  Not saying it wasn't a good piece.

I do know of other people who reached out to me due to other addictions, and asked for help.  I can only share with them how I did it, and that was all that I know.  I do know one alcoholic who is sober today because she ran across my blog.  But she didn't do pills, so they didn't want to talk to her. (You know who you are, and I was going to call you to see if you wanted to be on TV to share your hope, but you were just a wine-o, so...  Silly, right?)

I tried to tell them that the story isn't about how we all fell down the hole because of this drug or that drug.  The story is that we got out of the hole.  And getting the opportunity to tell our recovery stories to whoever will listen, is what we should try to do.  But they still want to talk about prescription drug problems.  Not prescription drug solutions.

Don't get me wrong.  Prescription drugs are a fucking bitch. #1 cause of accidental death, over car accidents.   Opiates, Benzos, amphetamines, all of it.  And our doctors are passing that shit out like crazy.  We all know that, right?  Who hasn't seen a story on this?  Overdose?  Death?  It's always on right?

 I was so excited that they wanted to do a follow-up story about how my family has come back.  About how my daughter was so angry at first, but now she is helping other kids who struggle with their parents.  How my kids are not ashamed to say that I did drugs.  How we know that there is this whole other side of recovery for families. To tell our story about what life is like now. 

But I guess they found another mom who did drugs.  And I hope she is in recovery, and gets to show that piece of it.  Because THAT is the story my friends.

Hey man, if they want to hear my story of recovery, awesome.  If they don't, well then I just got my house cleaned and it feels fucking great.

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  1. Betsey-
    No matter what... you are truly an inspiration for many. Your kids are a testament to what a family goes through and how you can all come out on the top of the "hole" you all fall into. I know I've said this before, but you really are an awesome, honest source of information and help to so many. Thank you for opening up your most personal parts of your pain and recovery to help others! Keep on keeping on!