Thursday, January 2, 2014

Legalize it. Yeah.

I know what I'm about to say isn't the popular vote of many people in Drug and Alcohol Counseling field that I am going into.  But my position on the "war on drugs" is to legalize them.  Completely, and all of them.

This video is a little older, and it is an hour long, but it has a LOT of good information on why we stand as cause to the violence in Mexico.  It is played on MSNBC a lot, so maybe you've seen it.

The fear of legalization is that we will have many more addicts than we did before.  That people will be more apt to try drugs without the barrier of the law.  That people will die.  That our children will have easier access.  Some of that may be true.  All of that may be true.  But we are Americans.  We should be able to choose for ourselves.

I can tell you right now, my kids can buy weed today, easier than they can get booze.  Because alcohol is sold in a store where you need I.D.  For weed, all you need to do is know a guy, who knows a guy.  And you can be as young as you want.

Almost everyone I know has tried weed.  Different drugs have different or greater stigmas.  Weed has the least, right?  Many people have tried cocaine.  And many people have been offered cocaine, and said no, because that is a line they won't cross.  I polled my Facebook friends a long time ago and asked them if Meth or heroin were legal, would they try it.  It was a unanimous no.  But legalizing drugs could change the culture of that for generations to come.  Or, it might not.

The fact that drugs are illegal, is a barrier that a LOT of people won't cross.  Because they don't want to go to jail.  If it were legal, would they try it?  People don't do drugs, because they don't want to. Or they are afraid of them, and rightly so.  I didn't give a shit whether the drugs were illegal or not.  That part of it never crossed my mind.  I was afraid when I was driving with it in my car, but not enough to stop me from doing it a few times a week.

Now, if we look at places like Mexico, and the 50,000 people that have been murdered by drug cartels in the past maybe 8 years or so (that number could be wrong, I just know in 2010, it was like 50,000 people, so I am sure it has risen) we can wonder why that is.  The United States is the #1 consumer of all the drugs in the world.  It is our addictions, demand, and excess of money for those drugs that fund and create violent criminals, who kill innocent people.

So my question is this.  Why do we as Americans think our people are so much more important than the rest of the world?  Why is our worry of what MIGHT happen to our citizens, more important than what IS happening to the citizens of Mexico, because of our drug use?    If we legalized drugs in this country, those criminals who torture, murder and are billionaires from our hunger for drugs, go out of business, and have no control.  But because we are afraid of the mayhem that might happen if we legalize them, we would rather ignore this horrible fact that people are constantly murdered, kidnapped, raped, etc.   We hear on the news of mass graves, children being shot in the head, families missing ALL OF THE TIME!

The answer is simple.  Legalize it.  The government controls it.  Taxes the hell out of it.  Puts that money into prevention and treatment.  I believe that even if this ends up killing more Americans, it is our problem.  We are putting the problem on innocent, poor people in Mexico who are terrorized by drug cartels, that we fund.  And it is just another form of greed, fear and bullshit.

Drugs are cheaper, better quality and easier to get than ever before.  What we are doing isn't working.  Something drastic has to happen.  I know the country isn't ready for Meth shops.  What a strange world that would be.  But we cannot ignore what our drug use does to the rest of the world.  And we could actually benefit, as a recovery community, from the funds that would come from legalizing it.  That is my honest opinion.

I just asked my friends in Colorado how it is going, if they have changed their drug habits, or if they are serving weed at their dinner parties.  I will wait for their answers.  I bet they don't change a thing.

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  1. I agree... it should be everyone's choice. People should not be arrested for owning or using drugs. BUT they should understand that they CAN be arrested if they do stupid things while on drugs or in pursuit of drugs! No excuses... if you can make the choice to use a drug that will effect your mind, you need to be able to take responsibility for what you do while on that drug!