Sunday, January 12, 2014

The beginning of the end, and new beginning

It's Sunday. 9:18 in the morning. I'm still in bed. And I'm smelling the coffee that Bob is brewing. I have these little eggheads crashed out next to me:

Is there anything more wonderful than having these moments with our kids.  To me, no.  

And here is Bob, bringing me coffee in bed.  That is how this vacation for me has been.  

I didn't really accomplish much, since I've been out of school since December 3rd. I got through the holidays in one piece. I didn't see my friends as much as I would have liked to. I didn't work on a book I'm trying to write. I didn't get my house cleaned from top to bottom, all at once. 

I didn't go to Water Park of America. However I did go to Mall of America with ALL of the folks that were visiting their families in town. HORRIBLE fucking move.   I didn't see my BFF, Stacey, from NYC while she was visiting. In fact, I had that nasty flu, and spent a lot of this vacation at home, in bed. 

Kind of boring for the kids, but wonderful for me. I love nothing more than my bed.  

I am SO exited to start my new internship.  I don't feel exactly prepared for it, because I didn't learn enough from my last internship, but I am ready to learn EVERYTHING I can.  I've got the clothes picked out for the week, I've got the shoes, the socks, the tights, the nylons, the backpack, the lunchbox, and I already shopped for the food to put in my lunchbox.  New pens, new highlighters, new everything.  I am ready to roll.

I am even going to take the bus there.  I cannot tell you how cool that makes me feel.  Really, I'm doing it because parking downtown is so expensive.  But I will TELL you I'm doing it to help save the earth.  So I'm a real advocate for mother earth.  I am riding the bus.  

So I will most likely not be here as much.  Which might be good.  Because as you may have noticed, I've been pretty self involved with some nasty shit that I need to get my head out of.  I think going back to school and my internship is perfect timing.  My eyes have been opened up.  My trust was broken by some folks, and I learned a lot.  I am ready to focus on something positive.  Like back to recovery.  And to hopefully be a positive mark on someone's journey.  

And at the end of this, I get to graduate.  I'm as excited for my kids to see this as I am for myself to graduate.  What a gift for all of us.  

I should probably buy some snow boots.  This is Minnesota, ya know.

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