Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Graduation day

Hey haters, I graduated!!  (My haters live in my head) It meant a lot to those who love me most.  I know my kids are proud (well, almost all of them) and I know the ones who saw this as an inconvenience will get it someday.  It means a whole lot to me.  

Here are my babies.  I'm so happy they came.  With my personal shit that's going on between Bob and I, and also my 13 year old (mouthy and misinformed about who is in charge because of physical strength, and stuff I'm not willing to share yet), I had a VERY hard time feeling excited, but I got there.   My dad couldn't come. He has his reasons. And none of them really matter much, it's cool. I saved him the pain of long speeches, and about 900 people walking across the stage and shaking all the higher-ups hand He will give me money. That usually helps heal that wound. I slightly wish he wanted to see me do it, but he is proud of me.  He did call me during the ceremony, because he forgot it was going on. Also, his breathing isn't great.  He would have had a hard time walking all the way to his seat.  Don't smoke, kids.  He is very proud of me and that is fine with me.  

I wasn't even going to walk the ceremony, because I thought I was way too old, and that it might be nerdy.  Because I am so cool in every way.  (My own instructor called me a nerd)  Then I decided that I wanted my kids to see it.  That even though I'm middle-aged, this type of thing is possible, especially IN RECOVERY. There was a part of the ceremony (which was LONG) where one of the many speakers asked the supporting family members to stand up, so we could applaud them.  Bob was the FIRST on to his feet.  Fastest I've seem him move in a long time.  (He wanted to come to the ceremony and see me graduate, which is nice.)  I do thank them too.  I have been absent this last semester, and it shows in my kids.  Bob did the best he could and I was grateful for that. 

And these ladies in the photo here, are my rocks.  They are like band-aids that always make me feel better.  I couldn't ask for better friends.  I love them so much.  They love me too because they sat through that long ceremony, just to see me do it.  My beautiful sister was there too, but I didn't get a shot with her.  She also supports me and is always there.  I'm pretty lucky.  

Some brilliant and hilarious STRONG folks I graduated with.  Honored.
In this last three years, I have  met some life-changing, amazing people who trudged through this journey with me. We had a lot of laughs, achieved little goals at a time with each other, and then finished.  (I want to say, "that's what she said," but how unprofessional.) We all come from different places. We all are going into this field for different reasons. Some of us are in recovery. Some are not, and don't need to be. Some went to AA. Some went to church. Some just decided enough was enough. Are they "dry drunks?"  No. There is no such thing. 

I've met so many healthy, happy, goofy, fun folks in this educational journey who have opened my eyes to a whole new world about what recovery is. It is so many things. And education can be a big part of that.  This wouldn't have been possible for me, obviously, if I wasn't' in recovery.  Education is a part of my recovery.  

Congrats to Metropolitan State University's class of 2014. What a ride!

Now to find a job as a drug and alcohol counselor.  I can't wait to start!


  1. WOOHOO! WOOHOO!!! Hooray! Congratulations! This is so fantastic, wonderful, amazing, terrific, Spectacular and every Great adjective on how proud i am of you and how proud you should be of yourself! Betsey this is so flippin huge. I went to college and quit my senior year. Regrets.

  2. Just to let you know I am standing in your honor too. (do you know how awkward it is to type while standing when I am a two finger typist.) CONGRATS!!!!!

  3. Major congrats! That's quite the accomplishment.

  4. Good for you! I am really glad you walked. I think it was important for you and for your kids. Good luck!

  5. I can't wait for your second act to begin. You go girl.

  6. Congrats! Way to be an inspiration to all those in RECOVERY, especially those middle-aged ones!

  7. Congratulations!!! I've been reading your blog for some time now, so I feel invested in this! So happy for you! Happy job hunting!!!