Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I put my sports bra on

I put my sports bra on yesterday.  I wore a t-shirt and some yoga pants.  I had my sneakers on and was looking sporty.  I had every intention of going my first day back at the gym.  I even made good food choices.

"We" are timing which salt melts ice the fastest.
But then, there was the science fair shit that is due today.  So, instead of taking time for the gym (or having a REALLY great excuse to NOT have time) I didn't start, on the first day back.

You know how I get. Remember last year's science fair?

So my first day back to the gym, will actually be my second day back, because I skipped my first day.  Remember, getting into terrific shape, is in my top three goals right now.  And my goals are big, so this is no bullshit.

Watch out.  There is a LOT of pretty here.  Big or small.


  1. Good for you to even have fitness as a goal and putting on a sports bra is a great start! Thats more than i do and my pants are tighter and tighter.

    1. I haven't gone yet today, either. But I'm going to.