Monday, May 19, 2014

Since we are talking about Bob

Since I've been talking about Bob lately, (like, forever) I've been thinking about how this blog can affect my family. And…I'll probably bore people with my life for at least another year or so.  

So let's talk divorce some more.

No matter what our mental or chemical health may be or has been,  we would be in this situation with our marriage anyhow. We got married so young.  We have grown up to be completely different people. With different beliefs, different likes, different everything. Different is okay. Unless there is just too much different. 

It seems like when people get divorced, people get mad.  Not ALWAYS true, I know.  I'm trying to NOT get mad. It is very hard for me to not be irrational at times.  When it comes down to it, money, kids, houses, pets, cars, all starts to coming into play.   Even when you think it won't   And when we don't see eye to eye,  I am aghast.  I feel like it is so simple. So does he. But our simples are not matching so well. 

I just said yesterday, we would always be friends. Then things took an ugly turn via text message. And if you know me well, you know I handle those situations like a champion three year old.

I'm stuck for the moment. I don't understand why pain makes people get petty about money,  just to make it hard for the other person.  I thought we both wanted to set up a situation where we could both succeed.  I guess pain makes people use money against each other. I just want to have this house, and be able so support my kids. Maybe I'm being greedy.  But it is best for the family.

So, I will try to make the best of it. Stepford wife?  Please. I'll just try to stay out of his way and hopefully he will stay out of mine. 

The plan is to keep looking for a job, get into shape, and clean my house.  In that order.  

Also, I need to kick up my meetings and kick them up hard. I don't feel like using. But I am starting to feel hopeless. Like everything I keep trying to do just gets harder and harder. Yes, that is self-pity. I'm drowning in it. I have gratitude. But pity is winning. Meeting time. And a JOB!

Divorce is mean. I didn't want it to be. 

Now THAT was some dirty laundry, huh?


  1. Money issues are brutal. What doesn't come up during the legal proceedings comes up in each partners feelings after the paperwork is all done. If you're both really unhappy, then selling the house might be the easiest way to move forward. Or it might not be. It all depends.

  2. Money is the key factor to so many relationships - married or not! Its a touchy subject no matter what.

    1. Totally. I think it will work out okay. It is just going to be tricky at times.