Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Extreme guide to parenting.

The best feeling in the world is learning your 11 year old kid is at a friend's house and gets a text from his own dad, quoting a not-so appropriate scene from the Dave Chapelle show, word for word, because they watch it together, and then the friend's dad sees that said text message. There is no explaining your way out of that one. 

Anyone relate?  Of course you don't. Because that shit is insane and only happens in my family, I think.  

I can't take Bob's phone away because he is an adult.

Please just know we would never let your kid watch that show, and no kid should watch it.  It is no good for anyone.  Dave Chapelle would agree, and I think that is why he quit.  No, only my kids get the pleasure of having a dad as a friend who will always choose humor over appropriateness.  But don't worry, they have heard me freak out about this stuff and know to keep it to themselves. 

We embarrass our kids in very different ways.   

I'm Rick James, bitch…