Friday, August 1, 2014

Living in a month from now.

It's 10:42 PM on a Friday night and I'm doing what any 43 year old mother does. I'm in bed, in the dark, crying because my youngest boys are going to middle school in 4 and 1/2 weeks. 

I cried with my oldest. I cried with my middle boy. And I'll cry with these guys even more. 

Because I know the changes that happen when they are sent into that building. I know how they come out. They go in sweet, nice, friendly angels who want to hang out with their folks. They come out bitter, angry, snotty, know-it-all kids who don't want to be seen with their folks. 

I know they come back to us when they are older and done with this stage. But I'll sure miss them when they are gone. I'm not ready. It feels like the school is coming to abduct my babies. I fucking hate it. 


  1. That must be really hard, It scares me to think Ill soon be a parent going through all that. I hope Im responsible and tough enough to handle it all.

  2. When I dropped out of nursing school not flunked out :) When all my kids were in elementary school so I decided to sub. in their school district. Made sense I wanted to work with kids as a nurse. So anyway the district office would call me early in the morning to see if I wanted to sub. Betsey you are SO right about the middle school it wore out all the employees including me- I never subbed at that school age again.I will keep your darling boys in my thoughts and prayers. I bet ya a quarter they will be just fine. Love you girlie :) Shannon

  3. I compleltely agree that school abducts our babies. My youngest started her senior year today and I am truly happy that this is the end of our school years! I did not feel one bit of sadness this morning. We are beyond ready for the next chapter in our lives.