Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chicken shit.

A cop beheads a boy's chicken with a shovel. I think we can all agree this story is horrifying, awful, and fucked up.  He apologizes and will attend the city council meeting to propose change in the city ordinance regarding having chickens, so this mishap doesn't happen again and the boy can have a new chicken. 

A guy (black) gets off work and is going to pick up his kids from daycare. He waited too long, in one spot, in the skyway.  Some cops follow, harass, taser, arrest, take him to jail and take the man's phone for a long period of time, not to mention the trauma they caused him (I imagine having your rights stripped and being tasered is fucking terrifying), and they don't apologize, they show no remorse, and you can bet damn well they won't be going to any meetings to change policy or laws so that they don't repeat the same thing. And so far, are experiencing no consequences, that I know of.  Not as honorable as the chicken murderer's attempt to right his wrong. 

So far, the chicken wins.  This will result in the better treatment for chickens in that town.  Even if the charges were dropped for the man. That is fucked up. 

This post probably is best understood by Minnesotans and our local news. I know there was some kind of community meeting today regarding the man in the skyway.  The mayor of St. Paul promised that "police are there to protect and serve in the community without regard to race." And the head of the St. Paul Police Federation President left a statement that the police acted, "responsibly, respectfully and in accordance with the highest professional standards we expect from our members."

That response isn't an apology, it isn't change, and I am disgusted. I could have sat in that skyway all day.  I guarantee it.


  1. That's so sad and not to mention fucking wrong. Seriously you would think that we would be evolved enough as a society to get over this whole racist thing. Pathetic. Im glad your writing about this, people need to know that racism is still going on. Cant wait to read your next post. I MISS THEM!! lol

  2. Thank you for talking about it. I think that we, as white people, have a responsibility to.

    1. I agree. My new job has opened up my ignorant eyes to so much I didn't realize because I don't experience it. Not to mention a whole host of other types of human horrors. I have a hard time coming up with other stuff to write that is relevant to this blog. This amount of talk about race, needs to keep going. Thanks:)