Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mantra: I Am Here.


What what what-what. What what what-what. 

How the hell ya been?  I am going to write one blog a week on a variety of topics pertaining to recovery and my really strong opinions. Well maybe just recovery. Or opinions. Maybe I will alternate weeks. And I will post Monday morning. Maybe more. We shall see. 

This being the first of this new schedule, starting on the wrong day,  I will bring you up to speed on what is happening in my crazy little life. 

1) Still married, still all together. 

2) Still working at same place, love the clients. 

3) Although it has been tempting, I haven't abandoned my kids and moved to a "deeelux apartment in the sky." 

4) I recently came out of the darkness of a deep depression, and I am not sure why exactly it lifted, but it did. So I'm going with that.

5) Still sober and still grateful for my life in recovery.  Who would have EVER thought?  Not me, that is for sure. 

6) I recently took one of those online "which_____ are you?" Dumbest things in the world, yet if feels like I NEED to know which _______ I am?  It was for "your perfect mantra" and I got "I AM HERE!" Except it wasn't all in caps with an exclamation point, yelling at me. I think it's perfect. Because that's where I always am.

 We made it through the holidays, We made it through the New Year. My older teenagers are not cool with me writing anymore stuff about their lives, and I will respect that. One won't let me even take a picture of him. 

Here are some photos. I'll see you next week!  I am in (or photographed) all of these!  AND I am (still) HERE.

My dad's first selfie on Christmas.  

I paid to run this 5K, but I thought I would
 be more useful to cheer these ladies on.

Went to Target two days in a row.
This was still on there the 2nd day.  My son is a jokester.

This is how I feel every day, and this is what I tell myself.

The one who refuses to be photographed, is.  

I got Influenza.  

I hosted Thanksgiving for my dad
 because he didn't want to cook.
He brought every part of the meal,
but allowed me to burn these sweet potatoes.

Our kitty got bigger, and our broken hand healed.  

Some lucky boys got great seats to see their beloved Vikings.
(And we actually won!)

I got the tree decorated at the last second,
trusted Bob to choose and buy the gifts,
 and pulled it all off without losing my mind.
(Well, I did lose it for a minute, but no one is goddamn perfect.)

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  1. Glad you're back. Strength and peace in the new year.