Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm Baaaack (again)

One thing that happens when you don't check your blog for a year is a LOT OF SPAM. Dear lord there are some funny comments on this thing. I tried to delete them all, but then I got bored.

I want to get back to this, and I always think I am going to, but then I don't. If I have any followers left, or not, I still want to write. This blog was a big part of my recovery, and I owe a lot to it. I'm happy to say that I am 6 years, and five months sober. My marriage is on track, and my teenage children are awesome. My career as a counselor is fulfilling, amazing, CRAZY, and if I could legally share the things I hear on a daily basis, I would have a billion followers. Law says I can't, so I won't. It is an honor to work with people at their lowest, and watch them rise. Even when the rise might only be one tiny part of their lives, and not defined by what society says recovery is. It isn't easy, but it is worth it.

I feel like Forrest Gump, and all of the different experiences and lives he lived. I can tall you that as I move through this life, and all of life's ups and downs, I feel more at peace than ever. I struggle daily with depression, and have been battling (and not really winning) it hard this past year. I know you're probably like, "how do peace and depression go together?" But for me, most days, they do, because I'm learning to go with it, not against it.

I'm not saying that I don't have reactions to the absurdity of things like DONALD FUCKING TRUMP, because I do. However, painful or blissful, I have managed to find a middle with my reactions, and my thoughts. Most of the time. Especially at home.

My family is still hilarious, and we are very close. My husband, Bob, is still with me, and we are still working at it. Ups and downs, ups and downs. But still here.

I have a lot to tell you. I think I am going to begin my next post and tell you about the time in 2015, when my middle son contracted Bacterial Meningitis, and almost died, and go from there. You know, start with something light and easy.

Until then, peace.

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  1. I've been checking back every couple of months hoping you'd post again soon!